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  • Nabeel Qureshi

    Christian Apologist Nabeel Qureshi Dies at 34

    Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi, 34, has died from cancer on Saturday, September 16, 2017. He is survived by his wife, Michelle, and his daughter, Ayah. His death greatly shocked the Christian community as it seemed like only yesterday that he announced that he was diagnosed with cancer. Many pour in their condolences to the beloved brother in Christ as a testimony to the impact that his life made to many others for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  • Pastor Mark Batterson

    Mark Batterson, Pastor on Capitol Hill, Talks US Election, New Book 'Chase the Lion,' Kirk Cousins and God-Sized Dreams (Interview)

    Pastor Mark Batterson, who pastors one of the top 25 most innovative churches in the U.S., is exhorting Christians to courageously follow their dreams. In his newest book Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too Small, Batterson frames the heart of the book as "Live for the applause of nail-scarred hands," a statement that defines the core of his Lion Chaser's Manifesto.
  • Ben-Hur 2016 Movie

    'Ben-Hur' Movie Producer Roma Downey Interview (Exclusive): A Message So Needed 'At Such a Time as This'

    Christian actress and producer Roma Downey, who starred in "Touched by an Angel' TV series, urges followers of Jesus Christ to bring their friends and family to watch the MGM's 'Ben-Hur' remake that is slated for release on August 19th. Like the 1959 version, Ben-Hur is an action-adventure movie that intertwined the lifelong struggle between two brothers with the life story of Jesus Christ, but in the remake Christ will be featured much more prominently with the emphasis on the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • VMWare CEO Pat Gelsiniger

    VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger Interview: Being a 'God-Glorifying' Technologist, and Transforming the Silicon Valley With Christ

    Many in Silicon Valley are prominent, but few are significant. Among the prominent technologists in the Bay Area, VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger is one of the most outspoken Christian technologists on faith, chosing the route of significance. Before becoming the CEO of VMWare, a multi-billion dollar and leading software company in the world, he was the first Chief Technology Officer at Intel Corporation, where the first microprocessors were invented. If you've ever plugged a USB into your computer, used WIFI, you've used his technology.
  • Nancy Ortberg

    Interview With TBC CEO Nancy Ortberg on Being a 'Catalyst' to Transform San Francisco Bay Area for Christ

    Pastor Nancy Ortberg, a respected author and teacher on leadership and spirituality, shared with The Gospel Herald in an interview on how Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) might help the local church be a catalyst to transform the San Francisco Bay Area, the least Bible-minded and least-churched metropolitan areas in the nation, for Christ. The ministry has set an ambitious goal of planting 1,000 churches and converting one million new believers in the next decade.
  • Silicon Valley - San Francisco Bay Area

    Interview With Skip Vaccarello, Author of Finding God In Silicon Valley: 'Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Reach Out'

    As a tech executive for over 30 years, Skip Vaccarello, who chairs the "Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast," sees and understands the desperate spiritual and emotional needs of those living in Silicon Valley. Together with other Christian leaders who are making plans to transform the Bay Area for Christ, Vaccarello is doing his part by writing and publishing a book titled "Finding God in Silicon Valley" that consists of interviews with 26 committed followers of Christ and his commentaries.
  • Linda Wilson-Allen

    Linda Wilson-Allen, An 'Angel' on San Francisco's 45-MUNI Line, Blesses Congregation at Stanford

    Transit operator Linda Wilson-Allen is an angel to those who ride the 45-Muni bus line in San Francisco. Her remarkable story of treating her job as her ministry was featured on the front page of San Francisco Chronicles in early Sept. A church with roots stemming from the founders of Stanford University thought her testimony was so transformative invited her to give a testimony and a blessing of prayer to its congregation, many of whom are the social elites in the nation.
  • FrancisChan_CityImpact_11.JPG

    Francis Chan on True Worshipers the Father Seeks at SF City Impact Conference

    Pastor Francis Chan delivered a message during the City Impact Conference 2013 that talked about the kind of worship that pleases God on Aug. 17. That day, over 1,800 people participated in reaching out to the residents of the Tenderloin, a neighborhood that is the most crime-ridden, drug-infested and violent neighborhood in San Francisco. The outreach was outwardly and inwardly a reflection of the believers’ obedience God’s command to serve and love one another.
  • DrEstherSLee111.JPG

    How Chinese Christians in America Can Exert Influence in Politics, Education? Part II

    This is part 2 of our report on Dr. Esther Lee, who is the former U.S. Dept. of Education Deputy Director and former President George Bush election committee's Asian-American affair director. She shared how Chinese Christians in America can exert their influence in American politics and education at the River of Life Christian Church Global Impact Conference earlier this month.
  • MichaelChang11.jpg

    Interview: Michael Chang on Role Models, Family, 2013 Wimbledon Winners

    Former French Tennis Open champion Michael Chang spoke with The Gospel Herald about taking advantage of his international recognition to spread the gospel, his role models in life, his plans for the next ten years, partnering with other Christians for outreach, attributes of a sports player and sportsmanship, and the 2013 Wimbledon Champions Andy Murray and Marion Bartoli.
  • Diving_VanNessWu.jpg

    VanNess Wu Interview - Part II: Impact of Faith in Life as 'Different Man'

    Asian-pop sensation, Taiwan-based American artist VanNess Wu is a Different Man. Although he had once reveled in promiscuity, his conversion to Christianity after meeting Chinese-American pastor Jaeson Ma and a seemingly coincidental event led to his submission to God’s will and renouncing pre-marital sex.
  • VanNessWu_111.jpg

    VanNess Wu Interview - Part I: Impact of Faith in Life as 'Different Man'

    Asian-pop sensation, Taiwan-based American artist VanNess Wu is a Different Man. Although he had once reveled in promiscuity, his conversion to Christianity after meeting Chinese-American pastor Jaeson Ma and a seemingly coincidental event led to his submission to God’s will and renouncing pre-marital sex. His new album “Different Man” released in June revolves around the concept of love and explains his journey of transformation from a “despicable” man to one motivated by true love.
  • CityImpactFounder_RogerHuang.JPG

    San Francisco City Impact Founder Roger Huang Talks 29 Years of Healing the Tenderloin

    Tenderloin, the most crime-ridden, drug infested and violent neighborhood in San Francisco, have experienced the persistent and tenacious intervention and acts of compassion through San Francisco City Impact, an inner-city ministry that works together with the Christian churches in the Bay Area and around the country to minister to the homeless, drug-addicts, prostitutes, and the poor.
  • Miserables-Les-poster.jpg

    Les Miserables and Gospel Connection According to John Ortberg

    John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, over the weekend deciphered the gospel according Les Miserables for the members of his church in Silicon Valley, highlighting the doctrine of substitutionary love and the promise for all whose hope is in God.
  • williams-and-chen_wide.jpg

    Homeless Inventor Mike Williams Testifies of God Intervening through 'Angels'

    Homeless inventor Mike Williams testifies of God’s intervention through ‘angels’ when his life hanged on a thread. His encounter with a former homeless veteran, a case worker, and a 72-year-old urologist turned his life around. His story of second chance was first picked up by Los Angeles Times and will be made into a movie.
  • PresidentObama_main.jpg

    Obama Interfaith Prayer Service Message Instills Hope for Boston

    While promising to bring the perpetrators to justice, President Barack Obama spoke boldly Thursday that those injured or frightened by Monday's explosions will undoubtedly "run again", Boston, the "state of grace", will reclaim the "spirit of the city", and the "nation shall remain undimmed."
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