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Refugees from Syria and Iraq title : Suspected Aleppo Chlorine Attack Chokes Dozens: Rescue Workers, Monitors
summary : A suspected chlorine gas attack on an opposition-held neighborhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo caused dozens of cases of suffocation on Tuesday, rescue workers and a monitoring group said.
date : Sep 06, 2016 11:42 AM EDT
Syria title : Heartbreaking Video Shows Dazed Little Boy Pulled from Aleppo Rubble
summary : Video of children being pulled from the rubble of a building hit by air strikes in Aleppo has been widely circulated on social media, causing upset and condemnation over the harrowing reality of Syria's five-year war.
date : Aug 18, 2016 11:33 AM EDT
Syria title : 'Scores' of Civilians Killed Amid Intensifying Fight for Aleppo
summary : An upsurge of intense fighting around Aleppo has killed scores of Syrians in the past weeks, displaced thousands and cut water and power to up to two million people on both sides of the front line, worsening the already dire conditions faced by hundreds of thousands in the city.
date : Aug 11, 2016 01:04 PM EDT
Syrian refugees granted asylum in Belgium title : More than 200 Syrian Christian Refugees Granted Asylum In Belgium, Escaping ‘Dire Conditions’
summary : The Belgian government announced on Wednesday that it has helped 244 Christian refugees escape from Syria and move to Belgium. Most of the refugees are families with children.
date : Jul 09, 2015 09:09 PM EDT
Iraq Yazidis Feeing from ISIS Killing title : Syrian Christians Talk About Their Escape from ISIS; Some Support Assad’s Regime
summary : Syrian Christians shared their stories on what life was like under the terror group known as ISIS. Some of them even threw their support behind Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad.
date : Mar 25, 2015 08:02 PM EDT
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