Tag : Devotional
Rick Warren title : Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren Shares 3 Things to Do When God Delays Answering Prayers
summary : Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren shares the three things to do when it seems God is delaying our prayer requests.
date : Nov 28, 2017 12:31 PM EST
Prayer title : Five Ways Fasting Can Change Your Life
summary : In this season of Thanksgiving and plenty, take a moment to reflect on the many ways fasting can change your life.
date : Nov 21, 2017 12:29 PM EST
The power of the tongue title : Devotional: The Power of Words
summary : Evidently, God meant for words to have power. We know that God, filled with love, care, and creativity, spoke and different areas of the world came into being. And we know from Scripture that our own words have incredible power.
date : Oct 03, 2017 11:06 AM EDT
Clinton title : Book of Devotions Penned By Hillary Clinton's Pastor Plagiarized; Publisher Destroys All Copies
summary : September 6, 2017: A planned book of devotions penned by Hillary Clinton's pastor has been cancelled after it was discovered that much of its content had been plagiarized.
date : Sep 06, 2017 09:33 AM EDT
Ray Comfort title : Evangelist Ray Comfort on His 'Hidden Agenda', Waking Up the 'Sleeping Giant' in the Church (Exclusive)
summary : September 4, 2017: Evangelist Ray Comfort discusses his new book, "Think on These Things: Wisdom for Life from Proverbs", and why he believes it's time to wake up the "sleeping giant" in today's Church.
date : Sep 05, 2017 04:37 PM EDT
Clinton title : Hillary Clinton 'Knows the Bible Remarkably Well', Wants to Preach, Claims Pastor
summary : August 11, 2017: Hillary Clinton's pastor has claimed the former Democratic presidential nominee "knows the Bible remarkably well" and relied on her faith to deal with the disappointment of losing to Donald Trump.
date : Aug 11, 2017 11:33 AM EDT
Mother and child title : Biblical Encouragement for Mothers of Young Children
summary : August 7, 2017: We will make our mistakes and things do happen, but many young mothers have gone before us. As we lean on God and make wise choices according to His Word, we will still move forward.
date : Aug 07, 2017 11:01 AM EDT
Social Media title : In Social Media Obsessed Culture, Which Kingdom are You Building?
summary : June 23, 2017: In a culture obsessed with image and social media, which Kingdom are you building?
date : Jun 23, 2017 02:25 PM EDT
Hillary Clinton title : Hillary Clinton Praying, Reading Devotionals About 'Being Strong' Since Losing Election, Claims Pastor
summary : June 6, 2017: Hillary Clinton is praying "every day" and reading devotionals about "being strong in the midst of unpredictability" since losing the presidential race to Donald Trump.
date : Jun 06, 2017 09:30 AM EDT
Anger title : Next Time You Get Angry, Remember to Do This One Important Thing
summary : Anger's not a sin unless it's unjustified and uncontrolled and God is never out of control or uses His anger without justification
date : May 22, 2017 07:26 AM EDT
Workplace title : Does 'Secular' Work Have Eternal Value in God's Eyes?
summary : Does Jesus care about our work in the "secular" workplace?
date : May 10, 2017 08:01 AM EDT
prayer title : 10 Prayers for Your Daughter
summary : There is something I've come to realize I need to guard against as a mom. I sometimes want to be God in my kids' lives.
date : Apr 03, 2017 07:59 PM EDT
JeremyLin11.jpg title : Jeremy Lin Remains Positive Despite Trade Rumors; Thanks Military Heros on Google+
summary : Since Monday midnight, rumor of Houston Rockets have made Jeremy Lin available for trade were widely circulated as the Rockets coaxed Dwight Howard to sign in to the team. Later that evening, Lin spoke with members of the military on Google Plus, during which his words remained composed and positive, to thank them for their selfless service to this nation.
date : Jul 02, 2013 02:45 AM EDT