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Triceratops Skull title : Christian Biologist Fired For Questioning Evolution Receives Six-Figure Financial Settlement
summary : A Christian scientist who was fired by the school he worked for after discovering evidence that could challenge evolution was granted a hefty financial settlement for his lawsuit.
date : Oct 13, 2016 07:07 PM EDT
Dinosaur tracks title : Huge Dinosaur Footprints Discovered In Scotland; Findings Shed Light about Mysterious Middle Jurassic Era
summary : Paleontologists have discovered what they believe is the largest dinosaur site in Scotland. Hundreds of dinosaur footprints are challenging the current theories about the lifestyle of these ancient creatures.
date : Dec 02, 2015 01:29 PM EST
Good Dinosaur-Pixar title : 'The Good Dinosaur’ Receives Bad Reviews; Critics Call It ‘Beautiful But Disappointing’
summary : After the success of the animated film "Inside Out," Pixar has released another movie that focuses on friendship and lasting bonds.
date : Nov 30, 2015 02:48 AM EST