Tag : Google Pixel 2 2017 release date
The Google Pixel 2 2017 as imagined by concept creator Benjamin Geskin title : Google Pixel 2 Rumors Update: Stunning Concept Leaks and Delayed 2017 Release Date
summary : Rumors have it Google is releasing two Pixel 2 models this year and it looks like the more interesting of the handsets is the Pixel 2 XL. The supersized phablet will be mass produced by LG but reports said the Korean device maker might run into supply issues that could potentially delay the Google Pixel 2017 release date.
date : Jul 04, 2017 09:54 PM EDT
The Google Pixel 2 2017 as imagined by concept creator Benjamin Geskin title : Google Pixel 2 2017 Rumors: Release Date, Specs, Pricing and More Details Known So Far
summary : Initially there were three models planned for the Google Pixel 2017 release but it’s down to two handsets at the moment, reportedly codenamed Walleye for the regular model and Taimen for the supersized phablet variant. Rumors said Google has tapped HTC and LG as manufacturing partners for project.
date : Jul 02, 2017 09:32 PM EDT
the Pixel XL title : Google Pixel 2 Rumors: What If the LG G6 is Reimagined as Pixel XL 2?
summary : Rumors have it that Google will tap LG as maker of the super phablet “Taimen” that is said to be the codename of the larger Pixel XL 2. What if this handset is actually the repurposed LG G6? That should make the next Pure Android flagship release even more exciting.
date : Jun 20, 2017 09:56 AM EDT
Google Pixel and Pixel XL title : Google Pixel XL vs. Apple iPhone 6S Plus: 6 Reasons Pure Android Flagship is Better than its iOS Rival
summary : Soon, the Google Pixel 2 will hit the market but the original, the first Google Pixel models, can still hold a candle against the competition, specifically the iPhone 6S Plus that was launched by Apple in 2015. In close comparison, the Pure Android flagship will end up the better device in at least six ways.
date : May 26, 2017 07:40 AM EDT
Google Pixel phones title : Google Pixel 2 (2017) Rumors: Next Pure Android Flagship Feature Upgrades as Hinted by Android O v. 8.0
summary : It was a long-shot that Google will introduce the Pixel 2 2017 handsets alongside the Android O or version 8.0 at the Google I/O 2017. But thanks to the freshly revealed mobile OS – now ready for beta testing – Android fans now have a glimpse of what to expect from the Pixel 2 phones.
date : May 19, 2017 08:20 AM EDT