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Paul George title : NBA 2017 Trade Rumors: Paul George Kills Talks of Imminent Transfer to Lakers, Cavaliers
summary : Despite his seeming dissatisfaction with the Indiana Pacers and the burning desire to win an NBA ring, Paul George dismissed the talks of his imminent transfer to another team, purportedly any of the Los Angeles Lakers or the NBA Finals 2017 runner up Cleveland Cavaliers. “I’m a Pacer,” George declared this week.
date : Jun 16, 2017 08:53 AM EDT
Jeremy Lin and his mom title : LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin Raps in Chinese as Mother’s Day Tribute, Rockets Regret Trading Him
summary : Los Angeles point guard Jeremy Lin is expected to go into free agency at the end of this year’s NBA season. However, he took his mind off that reality and dedicated some time to his family on Mother’s Day.
date : May 12, 2015 08:18 PM EDT
Jeremy Lin title : NBA Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin’s Future in LA Lakers In Doubt Thanks To Free Agency
summary : Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin is carefully weighing out the next step in his NBA career, now that he will become a free agent at the end of this season. However, some have speculated that his future in the NBA may be outside of Los Angeles.
date : May 06, 2015 06:45 PM EDT
Jeremy Lin and Nick Young Trade Rumors Lakers title : Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Nick Young Ponder Their Futures
summary : The Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the cut in this year’s NBA playoffs, so speculation has turned to who will join the team next season, in particular Jeremy Lin and Nick Young.
date : Apr 28, 2015 05:19 PM EDT
Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash title : LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Steve Nash Decides to Retire from NBA Career Instead of Being Floated for Trade
summary : The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for someone within their roster to trade as some NBA players become free agents at the end of this season. However, the team will not be able to use Steve Nash for trading after he announced his retirement on Saturday.
date : Mar 23, 2015 06:14 PM EDT
Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant title : LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Team Looks Forward To Free-Agency Season After Being Eliminated from NBA Playoffs
summary : Even though this year’s trading deadline has come and gone, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking forward to free-agency season. That’s because the team has been eliminated from playoff contention.
date : Mar 11, 2015 05:59 PM EDT