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Mike Pence with his wife, Karen Pence title : Mike Pence, His Christian Faith And Values
summary : Is politics a dirty game? Should Christians shun from it? Not so, as Mike Pence intends to fight the good fight in the realm of politics.
date : Oct 17, 2016 12:35 PM EDT
Mike Pence title : Mike Pence Asks Evangelicals at Liberty University to Forgive Donald Trump
summary : Indiana governor and Republican vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, asked evangelical Christians at Liberty University's Convocation on Wednesday to forgive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after Friday's release of a 2005 recording in which Trump is heard, in graphic terms, discussing women and his attempts to grope them. Some people took Trump's comments as proof of sexual assault because he referenced uninvited, random physical advances on women.
date : Oct 12, 2016 05:25 PM EDT
Cecile Richards title : Planned Parenthood President Says Abortion Stories 'Excite' Her, Hopes Practice will Become 'Normalized'
summary : Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, has said she feels "excited" when she hears about how and why women chose to get abortions and said she hopes the practice will soon become "normalized".
date : Oct 07, 2016 01:43 PM EDT
Abortion title : Franklin Graham Warns God 'Cannot Bless' U.S. if Country Continues to Embrace Murder of Innocent Children
summary : Evangelist Franklin Graham has warned that God "cannot bless" a nation that embraces the murder of innocent children and expressed the importance of electing political leaders who will "stand up for the most vulnerable and voiceless among us."
date : Oct 06, 2016 01:10 PM EDT
Vice Presidential Debate 2016 on October 4: Tim Kaine slugs it out with Mike Pence. title : Vice Presidential Debate 2016: Pence vs Kaine Live Stream, Where To Watch and What Time Does It Start?
summary : The Vice Presidential debate for 2016 is set to happen this October 4 as you tune in to see what Tim Kaine and Mike Pence have a verbal go against one another. Read on to find out where you will be able to catch the Vice Presidential debate for 2016 as well as times of broadcast.
date : Oct 03, 2016 06:31 AM EDT
Kelvin Cochran title : 2016 Faith & Freedom Award Goes to Former Atlanta Fire Chief From Religious Broadcasters
summary : Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, whose employment was terminated last year by the ciyt's mayor due to Cochran's Christian faith and beliefs, was presented the 2016 Faith & Freedom Award on Friday by National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) leaders.
date : Sep 19, 2016 12:58 PM EDT
Donald Trump title : Video of Donald Trump, Mike Pence Bowing Heads during Moving Prayer Goes Viral
summary : A video of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence bowing their heads as a Liberty University graduate prays the two politicians will be "able to stand firm against the vials of the enemy of God, against Satan" has gone viral.
date : Aug 04, 2016 09:08 AM EDT
Candace Cameron Bure title : Candace Cameron Bure 'Disappointed' by Donald Trump's Republican VP Mate Over Ben Carson
summary : Candace Cameron Bure revealed she is "disappointed" with GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump's pick for his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Bure shared on Friday's episode of "The View" she would have preferred Trump to have selected former surgeon Ben Carson.
date : Jul 20, 2016 10:01 AM EDT
Mike Pence title : Mike Pence: 'Born-Again, Evangelical Catholic' Comes from Democrat to Republican
summary : Republican vice presidential running mate of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, has had a "strange" religious conversion narrative, according to Indiana-based author Craig Fehrman, who is working on a book about presidents for Simon & Schuster. While Pence grew up in a big Irish Catholic family of Democrats in central Indiana, serving as an altar boy, attending parochial schools and idolizing John F. Kennedy, he converted to evangelical Christianity through the influence of a nondenominational fellowship group in 1978, while a freshman at Indiana's Hanover College.
date : Jul 17, 2016 11:08 AM EDT
Indiana Governor Mike Pence title : Syrian Refugee Crisis: Indianapolis Archdiocese Defies Christian Indiana Governor Mike Pence
summary : Indiana Governor Mike Pence has the best interests of the residents of Indiana in mind when he joined a move among many other governors in the nation to block Syrian refugees from entering the US. The Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis, however, isn't seeing eye-to-eye with the Governor.
date : Dec 08, 2015 05:24 PM EST
Mike Pence title : Gov. Mike Pence Stands His Ground on Indiana’s New Religious Freedom Law
summary : Indiana Gov. Mike Pence continued to defend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act he recently signed into law. Now he has written an editorial clarifying why he signed it in the first place.
date : Mar 31, 2015 07:26 PM EDT
Indiana Religious Freedom Bill title : Gov. Mike Pence Clarifies Stance on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law as Companies Condemn Passage [Interview]
summary : Despite withering criticism from many businesses and outside interests, Gov. Mike Pence is standing his ground after signing a new religious freedom law in Indiana.
date : Mar 30, 2015 01:56 PM EDT
Indiana Religious Freedom Bill title : Indiana Passes Religious Freedom Bill; Gov. Mike Pence Defends New Law As Nondiscriminatory
summary : The state of Indiana on Thursday passed into law a controversial “religious freedom” bill aimed at same-sex couples. It was signed by Gov. Mike Pence in a private ceremony.
date : Mar 26, 2015 06:23 PM EDT
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