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'Fast 8' cast title : 'Fast and Furious 8' Trailer Updates: A First Look at What’s Coming; Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel Pay Tribute to Paul Walker
summary : The first ‘Fast 8’ trailer is set to roll out on December 11, Sunday, as announced by Universal Pictures. Prior to the official release, the studio unveiled a short footage featuring the movie franchise’s stars as they open up about the changes that the films have undergone over the years.
date : Dec 06, 2016 08:14 AM EST
Paul Walker. title : ‘Fast 8’ Release Date and How ‘Furious 7’ Helped Paul Walker’s Family and Vin Diesel Heal
summary : It has been almost three years since Paul Walker was killed in an automobile accident. After that tragic day in November of 2013, an emergency meeting was held about the future of Furious 7, and it was decided that Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody Walker would serve as stand-ins. This experience has helped the Walker family heal, and Vin Diesel has also stated how much Paul Walker inspired him to become a father. In fact, there are rumors that Paul Walker's character could return to the franchise, possibly with the release date of Fast8.
date : Sep 20, 2016 09:37 AM EDT
Tyrese Gibson in 'Fast & Furious 6' title : 'Fast & Furious 8' Premiere Date: Tyrese Gibson Praises New Costar Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel Shares Tribute To Paul Walker
summary : Tyrese Gibson has been vocal when it comes to praising the latest cast member of ‘The Fast & Furious’ movie franchise- Charlize Theron. The singer-turned-actor recently opened up about Theron’s addition to the cast, pointing out that she is setting high standards for the other cast members.
date : Jul 05, 2016 01:59 AM EDT
Fast and Furious 8 title : 'Fast And Furious 8' Release Date, Spoilers, Cast: No Paul Walker but Expect Bigger Cast And Crew
summary : The Fast and Furious 7 earned more than $1 billion worldwide, so it is not surprising fans are asking about its next sequel. The ending of Furious 7 raised some burning questions. Will Paul Walker appear in the next movie installment? Now, here's the latest round up of update about the next Fast And Furious movie.
date : Mar 17, 2016 01:47 PM EDT
Fast & Furious 8 title : 'Fast & Furious 8' Plot, Cast Update: Shooting in Cuba, Paul Walker's Character Coming Back, Darker Movie?
summary : There are some concrete details on "Fast and Furious " already! The latest tidbit is that it will be shooting on Cuba. If this pushes through, the movie would be the first major production to ever shoot on the island.
date : Jan 07, 2016 02:16 PM EST
Vin Diesel title : Fast & Furious 8 Release Date, Cast, Rumors; Helen Mirren, Matt Damon to Join Crew
summary : With seven films rolled out over the course of a decade, the Fast and Furious series is one of the most successful franchises in the film industry. The high-octane franchise has grossed over $3 billion combined in worldwide ticket sales, and it is still going strong. And with the news of an upcoming Fast and Furious 8, that $3 billion will only go higher.
date : Dec 09, 2015 07:26 PM EST
Fast & Furious 8 title : Fast & Furious 8 Release Date, News, Updates, Cast Rumors: The Late Paul Walker ‘Has Moved On’
summary : The announced release date of Fast and Furious 8 is two years away but fans cannot wait for more news, updates, and cast rumors on the movie. Following the successful inclusion of Paul Walker's character Brian O'Connor in the seventh installment of Fast and Furious despite his untimely death, fans are wondering if the said character would still appear on Fast and Furious 8. Apparently not.
date : Nov 12, 2015 11:39 AM EST
Fast & Furious 8 title : Fast & Furious 8 Release Date, Cast News: Michelle Rodriguez Says New Movie Will Return to ‘Racing Roots’ as Requested By Paul Walker; Vin Diesel Reveals Key Plot Details
summary : Fast and the Furious 8 will go back to its "racing root" in tribute to the late Paul Walker, one of the movie's main stars, Michelle Rodriguez told People during UNITAS Gala Against Sex Trafficking in New York City.
date : Oct 16, 2015 12:01 PM EDT
Fast and Furious 8 title : Fast and Furious 8 Release Date, Cast Update: Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Walker to Make An Appearance, Angelina Jolie, Ruby Rose
summary : Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise as well as the late Paul Walker, are clamoring to have his brother, Cody Walker, to make another appearance in the upcoming sequel. In the Fast & Furious 7, Cody replaced his brother as Brian O'Connor after his death.
date : Sep 10, 2015 11:52 AM EDT
Vin Diesel title : Fast and Furious 8 Release Date Delayed, Cast Update: Vin Diesel is Busy With xXx Remake
summary : The release date of the highly-anticipated 8th installment of the successful Fast and Furious franchise has been rumored to be facing a delay following reports that one of its main casts, Vin Diesel, who plays the lead character Dominic Toreto, is busy doing a remake of his another smash hit, xXx
date : Sep 03, 2015 01:39 AM EDT
Fast and Furious 8 title : Fast and Furious 8 Release Date and Cast: Will Cody Walker Replace Paul Walker (Brian O'Connor)?
summary : Eva Mendez will be reprising her role as DEA undercover agent Monica Fuentes in the eight installment of the hugely successful Fast & Furious franchise which is scheduled for release on April 14, 2017
date : Jul 02, 2015 11:22 AM EDT
Fast and Furious 7 title : Fast & Furious 8 Cast and Release Date: Speculation Surrounds Next Franchise Film after ‘Fast 7’ Shatters Box Office Records
summary : Speculation has surrounded the possible production of “Fast and Furious 8” after the latest film in the series, “Fast and Furious 7,” shattered box office records by making $1 billion worldwide in a short amount of time. Now the director and several of its actors have spoken out on the future of the film series.
date : Apr 24, 2015 03:41 AM EDT