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Abortion title : Experts Refute Clinton’s Claim That Late-Term Abortion is Sometimes Required to Save Mother’s Health
summary : Some experts are disagreeing with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that late-term abortion is necessary in some cases to protect the mother’s health.
date : Oct 24, 2016 09:37 AM EDT
James Dobson title : James Dobson Urges California Clinics to Disobey New Law Forcing Them to Promote Abortion
summary : “If California attempts to enforce this law then do not comply. Make them put you in jail,” Dobson said.
date : Oct 21, 2016 10:46 AM EDT
Pregnant Woman title : Baptist Minister Aborted Baby After Asking God To Help Her Make ‘Best Decision’
summary : An ordained baptist minister had an abortion for her second child because she believed faith and abortion did not need to be in conflict with each other.
date : Oct 19, 2016 04:50 PM EDT
Cecile Richards title : Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years While Pro-Life Groups Hold Prayer Vigils
summary : While Planned Parenthood marked its centennial with the hashtag #100YearsStrong, a coalition of 11 pro-life groups tagged it as #100YearsOfAbuse.
date : Oct 17, 2016 11:02 PM EDT
Fetus title : Ex-Abortionist Speaks Before Students: ‘Maybe God Was Telling Me Abortion is Wrong’
summary : A former abortionist shared to the students at St. Louis University the story of his journey from being a pro-choice doctor to a pro-life advocate, and the many regrets he had along the way.
date : Oct 13, 2016 07:07 PM EDT
Pro-Life Protest title : High School Student Cries Foul Over Nebraska School’s Rejection of Pro-Life Club
summary : A high school student in Nebraska is challenging her school’s decision not to sponsor the pro-life club she started, saying the school’s move was an “unconstitutional discrimination.”
date : Oct 07, 2016 12:55 AM EDT
Franklin Graham title : Franklin Graham Urges Believers to Vote Political Leaders Who Value Life
summary : As Sept. 30 marked the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, evangelist Franklin Graham urged voters to vote for political officials who value life and will be a voice to the voiceless.
date : Oct 01, 2016 05:18 PM EDT
Russia Abortion Ban title : Russia: Pro-Life Groups Petition for Total Abortion Ban
summary : The petition calls for a ban on surgical abortion and on the use of contraceptives that induce abortion.
date : Sep 30, 2016 06:15 PM EDT
Florida Supreme Court title : Florida Group Launches Petition to Classify Abortion As Murder
summary : Abolish Abortion Florida launched an online petition to amend the state constitution so that abortion will be considered as first-degree, premeditated murder.
date : Sep 28, 2016 04:05 PM EDT
Fetus title : Abortion Worker Details Horrors She Witnessed At Clinic, Feels Weight Lifted Off After Quitting Job
summary : A woman who used to work at an abortion clinic did not see any problem with her job at first – until she got transferred to the clinic’s pathology lab.
date : Sep 23, 2016 03:28 PM EDT
Abortion title : Judge Permanently Blocks Florida Law to End Abortion Funding
summary : A federal judge on Thursday permanently blocked parts of a Florida law that aimed to cut off state funding for preventive health services at clinics that also provide abortions.
date : Aug 19, 2016 08:50 AM EDT
Planned Parenthood title : Judge Rejects Ohio Law to Cut Planned Parenthood Funds Over Abortion
summary : A judge on Friday prevented Ohio from cutting federal taxpayer funding from 28 Planned Parenthood clinics, setting back the governor's hopes of stopping the women's health services group from providing abortions.
date : Aug 16, 2016 01:54 PM EDT
Benjamin Watson title : Baltimore Ravens Star Benjamin Watson Discusses Abortion, Shares Why Term 'Pro-Life' Should Encompass All Areas of Life
summary : In addition to his football career as the tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, Benjamin Watson is also a husband, a brother, a father of five, and an outspoken Christian who is against abortion.
date : Jul 29, 2016 12:09 PM EDT
David Daleiden and Planned Parenthood title : Tens of Thousands Call for Criminal Charges to be Dropped against David Daleiden Who Made Undercover Planned Parenthood Video
summary : It's one of those stories that looks like good being called evil and evil being called good. Nevertheless. Monday's indictment of pro-life Journalist David Daleiden and his assistant, Sandra Merritt, who produced the undercover video showing Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, is being met with the ire of tens of thousands who have signed a petition calling for the charges against him to be dropped.
date : Jan 27, 2016 01:02 PM EST
title : 'Evangelicals Can’t be Pro-Life and Pro-Gun,' Says Rev. Rob Schenck
summary : As a leading American evangelical reverend to Washington, D.C., officials and president of the Faith and Action Christian outreach ministry, Rob Schenck took on the controversial topic of choices about guns and morality in a special opinion piece this week. He said he now believes his "family of faith is wrong on guns."
date : Jan 04, 2016 09:44 AM EST
Abortion title : Christian Health Care Employees Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions, ACLU Lawsuit Asserts
summary : American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) representatives stated in a lawsuit that employees of a Michigan-headquartered Catholic hospital group should be required to perform abortions, even if that procedure violates their religious views. Trinity Health, which operates 86 health clinics in 21 states, was sued by the ACLU in October, when the union claimed the group was “denying appropriate emergency care to women.” Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys asked a federal court this month to allow a group of pro-life, pro-women organizations to intervene in defense of the Catholic hospital system.
date : Dec 31, 2015 12:10 PM EST
Colorado Springs police chief Pete Carey title : Colorado Abortion Clinic Shooting May Become Platform for Funding Bill, Gun Bans
summary : The gunman's cry of, "no more body parts!" during the tragic abortion clinic shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado has brought up multiple issues. Besides that controversial video that allegedly explained the harvesting of body parts and apparent sale for them, there is also the debate of whether or not most Americans want Planned Parenthood defunded, and what it will take for stricter gun ban laws.
date : Dec 02, 2015 08:04 PM EST
Ben Carson title : Ben Carson's Insensitive Comments About Terry Schiavo May Cost Him 2016 Presidential Election
summary : One has to question if presidential contender Ben Carson was really paying attention when the Terry Schiavo case hit the press several years ago. One might even be inclined to think that he was baited by the savvy reporter who asked him what he thought about her case during the republican convention.
date : Nov 17, 2015 06:12 PM EST
Kirsten Powers title : Kirsten Powers on Planned Parenthood Videos: ‘There Is No Nice Way to Talk about This’
summary : Liberal commentator and columnist Kirsten Powers has slammed Planned Parenthood after two viral videos posted online showed doctors in the nonprofit women’s health organization discussing with undercover actors posing as buyers about the use of aborted body parts for medical research.
date : Jul 22, 2015 11:11 AM EDT
Undercover Planned Parenthood Video title : Planned Parenthood Undercover Video: Senior Director Admits to Selling Baby Body Parts Obtained from Partial-Birth Abortions
summary : A group calling itself The Center for Medical Progress has released a shocking undercover video of a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing how baby parts are harvested from abortions. The organization claimed that the procedure used to extract the parts is similar to partial-birth abortions, which are illegal under US federal law.
date : Jul 14, 2015 09:33 PM EDT
Rowena Slusser - Conceived from Rape and Incest title : Christian Woman Shares Heartbreaking Story about Being Daughter of Incest Rape, Finds Strength to Forgive
summary : A pro-life Christian activist named Rowena Slusser of Savethe1 has shared a deeply personal story, disclosing that she was born out of a rape that occurred between her father and her sister. She argued that had her sister, who was also her mother, went through with an abortion, she would not exist today.
date : Jun 09, 2015 01:19 PM EDT
Gimme Shelter title : 'Gimme Shelter': Kathy DiFiore Discusses Film, Her Shelters and Power of God
summary : Gimme Shelter is one of the most inspiring films of the season. It's based on a true story and centers on Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) a young, pregnant teen that leaves home to escape her abusive mother June (Rosario Dawson). After wandering homeless and getting into a car accident, Apple is hospitalized. It's there that she meets a priest, Frank (James Earl Jones), who leads her to a unique shelter for expecting mothers. Soon Apple's life begins to change.
date : Feb 01, 2014 12:48 PM EST
Pro-Life March for Life title : Catholics and Evangelical Christians Increase Cooperation in Advocating Pro-Life Awareness
summary : In anniversary of the Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, pro-life movements across the country have united to bring awareness of the preserving unborn human life and speak against abortions. Many pro-life movements this week rallied and even brought together both Evangelical and Catholic groups together.
date : Jan 25, 2014 11:41 AM EST
Georgia Walk to Life Group and Pro-Life Supporters title : Pro-Life Georgia Group to Sign Nationwide Personhood Declaration
summary : Pro-life leaders are looking to expand their voices on protecting the unborn on a national level, and now a Georgia based organization is joining the movement. Georgia Right to Life (GRTL), a pro-life advocacy organization has joined the pro-life fight to sign a new "Declaration of Dependence" legislation.
date : Jan 24, 2014 06:07 PM EST
March for Life DC 2014 title : Anti-Abortion Protestors Stand Through Frigid Cold in 'March for Life' Washington DC
summary : Not even the 14 degree Fahrenheit weather and the freezing wind was going to stop the anti-abortion protestors on Wednesday, as March for Life held its annual rally on the 41st year anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, a Supreme Court ruling that declared a constitutional right to abortions.
date : Jan 23, 2014 02:33 PM EST
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