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Tony Romo title : NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos Signing Tony Romo As Paxton Lynch’s Replacement
summary : Although Tony Romo's condition is now improving, the Dallas Cowboys will most likely not make him their starting quarterback especially given the way Dak Prescott is leading the team. Instead, once his back has fully healed, the team could resort to trading him to the Denver Cowboys for Paxton Lynch.
date : Oct 24, 2016 09:31 AM EDT
Peyton Manning Retires title : NFL Trade Rumors: Tony Romo Could Be Peyton Manning Replacement
summary : The Denver Broncos signing Tony Romo might be seen as a replacement for Peyton Manning in the latest NFL trade rumor.
date : Oct 19, 2016 01:07 PM EDT
Dak Prescott title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Seeking Trade Options for Tony Romo Due to Dak Prescott’s Performance
summary : Following Sunday's game, Dak Prescott once again proved that he's ready to be the Dallas Cowboys' new starting quarterback. This could mean that the team might consider releasing or trading Tony Romo once he has recovered.
date : Oct 17, 2016 09:54 AM EDT
Dak Prescott title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo In Danger of Getting Released Following Dak Prescott’s Performance
summary : Following the Week 1 loss against the New York Giants and Tomo Romo's injury, the Dallas Cowboys seem to be doing fairly well in the season with their new starting quarterback Dak Prescott. And, based on owner, coach and general manager Jerry Jones' recent statement, it seems the Cowboys are planning on sticking with Prescott for a long time.
date : Oct 12, 2016 12:18 PM EDT
Trevor Siemian title : Could Dallas Cowboys Benefit From Trading With Denver Broncos for QB Trevor Siemian?
summary : Despite Tony Romo's serious back injury, the Dallas Cowboys seem to be doing well thanks to backup quarterback Dak Prescott. However, since the organization is still not too keen on making Prescott its permanent starting quarterback, the Cowboys could engage in a trade negotiation with another team, such as the Denver Broncos for Trevor Siemian.
date : Sep 27, 2016 12:51 PM EDT
NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys title : NFL Trade Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Swap Dak Prescott for Paxton Lynch; Peyton Manning Want Young QB To Replace Trevor Siemian
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are testing the leadership skills of Dak Prescott as he carries the NFL team this season while Tony Romo recovers from injuries. However, his performance against the New York Giants found him falling short the expectations especially with Eli Manning leading the other team. Meanwhile, Paxton Lynch is still looking for his place in the Denver Broncos roster. Looking at both teams, a Dak Prescott trade for Paxton Lynch could be in the works.
date : Sep 15, 2016 11:56 AM EDT
Tony Romo title : This is What will Happen to Dallas Cowboys If Dak Prescott Permanently Takes Tony Romo’s Starting Position
summary : With Tony Romo expected to miss the entire 2016 NFL season due to his injury, the Dallas Cowboys have turned to rookie quarterback Dak Prescott to take on the starting position. However, if the team decides to permanently replace Romo with Prescott, then they will have to face the financial problems that comes with this decision.
date : Sep 12, 2016 10:36 AM EDT
Tony Romo title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Entertaining Trade Options for Injured Tony Romo
summary : Aside from getting Mark Sanchez, the Dallas Cowboys could be exploring other options for their injured quarterback Tony Romo. And according to rumors, one of these includes trading him away.
date : Sep 09, 2016 10:37 AM EDT
Tony Romo title : NFL Preseason Week 3 Update: New Injury List Includes Tony Romo, Brandon Marshall and Cedric Peerman
summary : As the NFL heads into the regular season through preseason games, the list of injured players has been steadily growing. As of Week 3 of the preseason, the injury list now includes Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, Cedric Peerman of the Cincinnati Bengals and Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets.
date : Aug 31, 2016 10:06 AM EDT
NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Pitch Jimmy Garoppolo Trade; Tony Romo, Dez Bryant Impressed With QB Sub
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are running out of time to determine who could be the best backup for Tony Romo once the regular season starts. Despite the promising performance of Dak Prescott, which earned praises from teammate Dez Bryant, the Jerry Jones team still has to figure out how to avoid getting into the same situation they were in last season. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the Dallas Cowboys are now targeting one of the breakout stars this preseason: Jimmy Garoppolo.
date : Aug 25, 2016 09:00 AM EDT
New York Jets Geno Smith and Michael Vick title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Target Geno Smith Trade; Ryan Fitzpatrick Loses Backup To Tony Romo, Dez Bryant
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are looking for veteran NFL stars to serve as a backup quarterback in case a Tony Romo injury once again sidelines their leader next season. With limited free agency options, which reportedly include Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel, the Dez Bryant squad is said to be looking into an NFL trade to find the right guy. Reports indicate that the Dallas Cowboys are eyeing a Geno Smith trade to accomplish this goal.
date : Aug 02, 2016 09:26 AM EDT
Nick Foles title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Eye Nick Foles Contract; Tony Romo, Dez Bryant Lobby For Ex-Rams Deal
summary : The Dallas Cowboys face one crucial problem as they gear up for the next season - a healthy quarterback. While Tony Romo appears to be once again ready for battle and Dak Prescott looks like a promising backup, the fact remains that the Dez Bryant squad will need a stronger sub than a rookie fresh off college. Hence, the release of Nick Foles from the Los Angeles Rams could not have come at a more convenient time. Not taking any more chances, reports reveal that Jerry Jones is now working a deal to sign the newly announced free agent quarterback.
date : Jul 29, 2016 05:11 AM EDT
title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Fear Dez Bryant Trade; Johnny Manziel Deal Excite Tony Romo, Dak Prescott
summary : The Dallas Cowboys suffered from a series of heartbreaking injuring in the past NFL season. With both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant off the gridiron, the Jerry Jones squad saw their Super Bowl dreams slip far away from their grasp. The NFL offseason was no better since the Dallas Cowboys opted to get rid of Greg Hardy. However, the NFL team has no plans of dwelling in the past as changes have been implemented and the latest of these involve none other than Johnny Manziel.
date : Jul 26, 2016 06:32 AM EDT
Tebow title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Give Tim Tebow Second Chance; Tony Romo, Dez Bryant Approve New QB Sub
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are still on the lookout for a healthy quarterback to take the place of Tony Romo in case their leader once again falls to injury in the next NFL season. While the Dez Bryant squad already has a rookie backup in Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones is said to be wary of the situation. With most quarterbacks already taken in the league, the Dallas Cowboys are reported to be targeting Tim Tebow as the sub for Tony Romo next season.
date : Jul 19, 2016 10:45 AM EDT
Highland Park Texas Department of Public Safety booking photos of former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Revisit Johnny Manziel 1-Year Contract; Tony Romo Expects Johnny Football as Sub Over Dak Prescott
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are eyeing a strong comeback in the next NFL season especially with the return of a healthy Tony Romo in the gridiron. With the health issues that plagued that Dez Bryant team last season, the addition of young star Dak Prescott in the roster seemed to be Jerry Jones' move to secure the quarterback position. However, it looks like the rookie might not be NFL ready just yet as the Ezekiel Elliot squad is said to be mulling over a one-year deal with troubled star Johnny Manziel.
date : Jul 11, 2016 08:48 AM EDT
NFL: 2016 NFL Draft title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Joey Bosa Trade In The Works; Tony Romo, Dez Bryant Lure DE With High Pay
summary : The Dallas Cowboys appear to be poised to get the NFL draft prospect they missed out on. Jerry Jones, who is known to be more than willing to spend for players he deem fit to join his roster, might just get Joey Bosa from right under the nose of the San Diego Chargers. Given the contract stalemate between the NFL star pegged as the next JJ Watt and his team, the Dallas Cowboys seem to be on the verge of luring the rookie to play alongside Tony Romo and Dez Bryant next season.
date : Jun 23, 2016 11:41 AM EDT
Tim Tebow title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Sub Search Reaches Tim Tebow; Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott Excited for Tebow Time
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are busy making sure that their devastating NFL season will not be repeated. With the health of Tony Romo proving to be fragile yet crucial to the success of the Dez Bryant team, measures were taken to guarantee a smooth-sailing operation next season. In addition to signing Dak Prescott as fresh quarterback talent, the Dallas Cowboys also took in the promising Ezekiel Elliot to take over the running back post. However, an even more exciting player appears to be poised to sign with the team - Tim Tebow.
date : May 31, 2016 10:48 AM EDT
Highland Park Texas Department of Public Safety booking photos of former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel title : NFL Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Sign With Dallas Cowboys After Trial; Jerry Jones Welcomes Johnny Football
summary : The Dallas Cowboys are looking into options to play as a more stable substitute for Tony Romo. With the performance of the football team last NFL season, the Dez Bryant squad has vowed to look into ways to build the team around a healthier quarterback. To solve the situation, the Dallas Cowboys signed Dak Prescott during the NFL draft - a move that came soon after they failed to land Paxton Lynch who ended up with the Denver Broncos. Despite having two promising quarterbacks in the roster, Jerry Jones still reportedly wants more. To be more specific, he is said to remain interested in Johnny Manziel.
date : May 11, 2016 12:18 PM EDT
Carson Wentz title : NFL Mock Draft: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles For Carson Wentz; Tony Romo to Mentor Dakota QB
summary : The NFL community has been excitedly waiting for the draft season when new and promising young stars will enter the league. Among the names constantly under scrutiny is Carson Wentz who may or may not be the top pick this season. Amid the fanfare, two NFL teams are pitted against each other as both reportedly want the North Dakota star in their roster - the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.
date : Apr 26, 2016 02:09 PM EDT
Michael Vick title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Eye Michael Vick Deal; Tony Romo Rejects Tim Tebow, Opts for Vet QB
summary : The Dallas Cowboys broke the hearts of their fans in the NFL when Tony Romo exited Week 2 with an injured collarbone. Although the leader of the Dez Bryant squad heroically attempted a comeback in their game against the Carolina Panthers, the injured quarterback and his team were no match to the forces of Cam Newton and Michael Oher. However, Jerry Jones is determined to not let the same thing happen this coming NFL season. Hence, the search for Romo's backup is on. The call for a reliable quarterback to sub for Romo has attracted attention across the league with initial reports pointing to the likes of Robert Griffin III, Brock Osweiler and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Even the troubled Johnny Manziel was included in the mix. At this point though, only two names in the free agency market are reportedly left for consideration - Michael Vick and Tim Tebow.
date : Apr 05, 2016 02:51 PM EDT
Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Sub Found? Dez Bryant, Jason Witten Pass Up Tim Tebow for Johnny Manziel?
summary : The Dallas Cowboys saw the end of their Super Bowl dream when Tony Romo suffered a fractured collarbone in Week 2 of the NFL season. Although the quarterback made a valiant effort of returning for the team's match against the Carolina Panthers, the Dez Bryant squad only fell short. Moreover, the risky move simply re-injured Romo and pushed the football team further down the rankings. With no reliable quarterback to take over Romo's role, the Dallas Cowboys sank lower in the league - something the Jason Witten squad aims to resolve as soon as possible.
date : Mar 18, 2016 01:48 PM EDT
Tebow title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Randy Gregory Follow Greg Hardy Missteps; Can Tim Tebow Save Tony Romo team?
summary : The Dallas Cowboys had a heartbreaking NFL season which saw their Super Bowl 50 run cut short when Tony Romo left the field. Apart from losing their quarterback and leader, the Dez Bryant squad also plunged into a number of off-the-field issues. These concerns involved a tension in the locker room and even in the sidelines during football matches.
date : Feb 23, 2016 08:47 AM EST
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Eye Robert Griffin III Deal; RG3 Threaten Tim Tebow Chance For Tony Romo Spot
summary : The Dallas Cowboys experienced a heartbreaking run in the previous NFL season. Initially pegged as potential Super Bowl contenders, the injury of Tony Romo halted the manifestation of the football team's dream. When the quarterback later on returned, the Dallas Cowboys' hopes were once again fueled - thereby making them the Cinderella team in the NFL. However, the Carolina Panthers ended the second chance of the Dez Bryant abruptly even before the optimism caught on to the rest of the football community.
date : Feb 16, 2016 10:33 AM EST
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo title : MLB News, Rumors: Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo Planning For Offseason Shoulder Surgery; Cowboys to Sign Ronald Blair to Improve Defense
summary : After injuring his left collarbone three times over the past five years, Tony Romo plans to undergo surgery during the offseason. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback intends to have the procedure to plate his left clavicle in an attempt to prevent future injuries, according to Ed Werder of ESPN.
date : Jan 25, 2016 12:35 PM EST
Johnny Manziel title : NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo in Danger of Being Replaced? Johnny Manziel Out To Get Injured QB's Posts
summary : The Dallas Cowboys broke the hearts of millions of their fans when they failed to land a playoff spot this NFL season. However, there is one person who might actually be even more devastated than anyone else: Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback injured his collarbone in Week 2 of the season, thereby casting a shadow to the Super Bowl dreams of the NFL team. The fear of churning out devastating performances without Romo became a reality as the Dallas Cowboys now hold a measly 4-12 record.
date : Jan 05, 2016 10:54 AM EST
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