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Sadie Robertson and Trevor Knight title : Sadie Robertson, Trevor Knight Part Ways Just Before Her Live Original Tour and Football Season
summary : After about a month of dating, public speaker and Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and her 22-year-old Texas A&M Aggies' quarterback boyfriend, Trevor Knight, have stopped seeing each other. Robertson released a statement: "Trevor Knight and I are no longer an item. It was just too hard to spend time together."
date : Sep 06, 2016 08:30 AM EDT
Trevor Knight and Sadie Robertson title : Trevor Knight: Who Is Sadie Robertson's New Knight in Faith Armor?
summary : Since "The Live Original Tour," "Dancing With the Stars" alum and Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson confirmed she has been dating Trevor Knight, some people are curious about other details of the 22-year-old starting quarter back for the Texas A&M Aggies. The couple reportedly bonded over shared Christian faith, then found they had much in common.
date : Aug 14, 2016 11:43 AM EDT
Sadie Robertson title : Sadie Robertson Dating Texas A&M Quarterback Trevor Knight; Bonded Over Shared Christian Faith, Mission Work
summary : "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson has revealed she's dating Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight, who she describes as a "strong Christian" who, like her, is very vocal about his faith.
date : Aug 10, 2016 11:37 AM EDT