James Dobson to Return with Same Bold Approach

( [email protected] ) May 02, 2010 01:07 PM EDT
Dr. James Dobson is returning to talk radio on Monday with a new show and with no intention of softening his bold and unabashed tone.
Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman James Dobson exits the East Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, May 1, 2008, after participating in a ceremony honoring the National Day of Prayer. AP Images / Gerald Herbert

Dr. James Dobson is returning to talk radio on Monday with a new show and with no intention of softening his bold and unabashed tone.

"Please don’t expect me to take a 'softer, gentler' approach to the issues that burn within my soul," he tells readers on his new "Family Talk" website. "I have never spoken or written without passion for values in which I believe, and I don't intend to start now."

"Family Talk" is scheduled to launch on over 500 outlets. And joining the longtime and renowned evangelical radio host will be his son, Ryan Dobson, and veteran producer Luanne Crane.

The three will be discussing family-related topics, cultural issues and matters relevant to the Christian faith on the daily program that is designed to reach the younger generation with the Judeo-Christian worldview of the family.

While his former ministry, Focus on the Family, has begun to take a less divisive approach to issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage over the last year, Dobson plans to be anything but timid on his new show.

"Babies are dying, the very definition of marriage is under attack, the financial underpinnings of families are being destroyed by confiscatory taxation, and children of all ages are being taught wickedness and every form of godlessness. This is no time to grow timid!" he said.

Dobson, 74, left Focus on the Family, which he founded 33 years ago, in February after passing the reins to Jim Daly. The leadership transition began in 2003 when he resigned as president. He was determined to turn the ministry – which reaches more than 220 million people around the world – over to the next generation of leaders.

With the help of a $1 million grant from Focus on the Family, Dobson is now set to begin his new radio show out of the same city – Colorado Springs.

The new show is not meant to compete with Focus on the Family, Dobson has stressed. The need for family ministry is great, he said, and one organization isn't going to cut it.

"Our country is facing desperate circumstances now, and the family needs all the help it can get," said Dobson in a statement. "Frankly, we're circling back to 1977, when I left USC to address the same concerns. I'm very excited as we look ahead."

The popular author and radio host said their primary emphasis at "Family Talk" will be on the principles of building successful marriages, and on raising godly, self-disciplined, and respectful children.

"Accomplishing that goal is no easy task in this shockwave world, but we will tackle it head on."

Dobson anticipates "Family Talk" to be carried on more stations in the immediate future.