Chinese-Indonesian Evangelist Stephen Tong: Christmas and Evangelism are Inseparable

Dec 19, 2012 03:32 PM EST

While most people regards Christmas as just one of the many holidays of the year, or the best period for family gatherings and reunions, Chinese-Indonesian evangelist Rev. Stephen Tong will host a Christmas outreach in Taipei.

According to International Evangelism Fellowship, Tong, 79, expresses his disappointments towards the lack of knowledge and awareness of the true meaning behind Christmas, which has become commercialized and Christ-less. He urges for Christians to remain vigilant during this time of year and not be brainwashed by the secular culture.

Tong, who has traveled to countless nations and preached to millions of people, believes that the most meaningful way to celebrate Christmas is to share the good news of Jesus Christ. For the last 55 years, he has not missed a single year of preaching during Christmas.

“The good news is the gospel; the gospel is our Saviour Jesus Christ. Therefore, the message that I would like to share is God’s unconditional love for mankind.”

This year’s Christmas event has the theme of “God Revealed through History,” which meant a lot for the believers. “Our life is temporary; only God is eternal. We have eternal life in heaven if we believe in Jesus Christ, and this reminds us of salvation.”

“God Revealed through History” will challenge the believers to reflect on the meaning of their faith and is a good topic for evangelism. “Evangelism is about sharing the good news. The biggest news is God’s revelation in history,” he said.

Tong prayed that Christians will not only reflect on the meaning of the birth of Christ, but they will also share the gospel during Christmas.

Tong was recently hospitalized for physical ailments, but has continued to preach after leaving the hospital.