Do We Have Souls? Scientists Validated So

( [email protected] ) Nov 21, 2013 01:04 PM EST

Do we have souls? It's not a question for those who practice faith, because the Bible points out clearly where the souls lie eternally and prayers are simply communications between God and the human soul.

However for the vast majority, the question "whether I have a soul" brings about a kind of doubt despite the restlessness of their souls and the forever quest for eternity.

Recently a professor, Robert Lanza, from the US North Carolina University validated the fact that there is soul after death.

He expressed that human essentially operates in life with physical elements and when that eventually returned to dust then it signify 'death'.

Basically, human is limited to the scope of body physics.  His research has found that when the human heart enters its rest and blood flow ceases (All physical element has come to a halt), there still lies the ability to perceive and recognize.  In other words, except physical movement, there exists the 'Quantum senses' that exceeds what the body can do. To paraphrase it, it is the human 'soul'.

Many doctors have found that a number of their near-death or revived-from-death patients experienced very similar phenomena.  They either indicated they saw 'white bright light' or walking on passage toward heaven or hell or having been a beautiful heaven or burning blaze of hell.  Some even conversed with angels or Jesus.

There is a book "Proof of Heaven" that was written by an US Neurosurgeon/professor Alexander about his experience in heaven.

To most believers, it is not a foreign topic because the Bible clearly details the spiritual realm.  Those that have experienced near-death and the life aftermath truly resonates with what is illustrated in the Bible.  

[Editor's note: Jennifer Shih translated the article.]