Vanness Wu Holds Wedding in Singapore, Leehom Wang and Wife Serenades 'The Only'

( [email protected] ) Jan 08, 2014 06:01 PM EST
Leehom Wang sang a special song “The Only” on the wedding of Vanness Wu and Arissa Shi to express his wishes. (Weibo/Leehom Wang)

Taiwan Christian artist, Vanness Wu, married Shi Zhen Shan (Arissa) on Sunday in Singapore. Vanness Wu's artist friend Leehom Wang and his wife, Li Liang Lei, as well as former F4's Jerry Yan attended the wedding ceremony. Wang sang a special song "The Only," expressing his best wishes for the newly married couple.

Wu married Arissa last November in Los Angeles, but many of his inner Asian friends regret for not being able to participate then. For this reason, he decided to hold a wedding at the beginning of the new year in Singapore as well in order to get more friends' blessings.

Vanness Wu and Arissa Wedding Photo
Vanness Wu and Arissa’s wedding photo shoot in Los Angeles. (Facebook/Arissa)

Leehom couple, Jerry Yan, Andy On, Philip Ng, Peter Lam's ex-wife Ling-Ling Xie and her daughter, Elly Lam, and others attended the wedding. At the invitation of Wu, Leehom Wang and his wife came forward to cut the cake together with the newly married couple. Leehom appeared to be in a good mood and happily took pictures with friends. 

Soon afterwards, Leehom Wang post blessings on facebook for Vanness couple that: "Congratulations to Vanness and Arissa. Wish you a long life together, always be in love and have your own baby soon!"