Total Lunar Eclipse 2014 NASA Video (April 15) : First of Four Blood Moon Wows Stargazers

( [email protected] ) Apr 16, 2014 07:46 PM EDT

As the moon completely crosses the Earth's shadow, the first of four total lunar eclipses, called the Blood Moon, occur on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

The first total eclipse of 2014 happened between late Monday and early Tuesday April 15, 2014. The total lunar eclipse lasted for about three hours, unfolding slowly over the skies of North and South America. 

The lunar eclipse peaked at 3 a.m. EDT, with the moon taking 78 minutes to pass through the darkest point of Earth's shadow. It was visible with the naked eye in most parts of the United States, including Hawaii and parts of Alaska.  

Tuesday's eclipse also caused the moon to take on a reddish hue. It is the first of four total eclipses that will take place through September 2015, according to NASA.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth align so that Earth's shadow falls across the moon's surface. Tuesday's lunar eclipse is a total eclipse, which means Earth's shadow will cover the moon completely.

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Eclipses occurring in four consecutive six-month periods are known as a tetrad. The other three total lunar eclipses in the current tetrad will occur on October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015 and September 28, 2015.

Watch the blood red moon 2014 video below: 

Here is the full video of 2014 Lunar Eclipse recording from NASA:

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