Fan Appreciation Week Day 4: Getting to Know Jeremy Lin on Facebook Q&A

( [email protected] ) Aug 08, 2014 01:41 PM EDT

Throughout the week, NBA star Jeremy Lin has been hosting contests and interacting with his fans around the globe in an effort to thank them for all of their support throughout the years. The new Los Angeles Lakers addition did a Facebook Q-and-A for an hour Thursday evening for Day Four of Fan Appreciation Week and encouraged participants to ask creative and unique questions.

Jeremy Lin
(Photo: Niketalk)

As thousands of questions came pouring in from around the world, the NBA guard answered many personal, career-related, and random questions, much to his fans' delight. Lin revealed his love for Disney movies (his favorite is "Ratatouille"), and that his favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo - "Because his weapons look the best and blue is my favorite color," says the NBA guard.

Lin's favorite type of sushi is seared salmon, toro, and sweet shrimp. His favorite Karaoke song? "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. The NBA star enjoys playing Settlers of Catan and Texas Hold 'em poker, and says he prefers Bruce Lee to Jacky Chan and Jet Li. His favorite frozen dessert is tied between coffee, green tea, and mocha almond fudge ice cream.

As far as his career goes, Lin has a positive outlook for the future - when asked if he thinks he's overrated, Lin responded, "Some fans think I'm the greatest ever. Haters think I'm the worst ever. I think I'm somewhere in between. But it's just the beginning..." Lin also says that he has been working to add a floater to his game over the summer, and is also trying to improve his three-point-percentage, defense, and left-hand game as well. One fan asked whether Lin would ever consider returning to the New York Knicks in the future; "Justin Bieber taught me to 'Never say never,'" he quipped.

Lin answered a handful of more personal questions as well. He says he'd like to have three boys in the future (just like he and his siblings), and would also like to have at least one daughter as well. His worst fears are "Needles, bees, spiders, [and the] death of a loved one." The NBA guard only shaves but once in a blue moon - "No facial hair swag," he jokes. His most embarrassing moment? "I once ate 100 pieces of sushi at an all-you-can-eat restaurant, then proceeded to throw up in the middle of the seafood section all over an innocent bystander," Lin says.

When asked how Lin handles the negativity that he occasionally receives, the NBA guard said he tries not to respond to it - "I play for the Man upstairs," he explains. Many might wonder how Lin keeps his humility, despite being in the limelight as a player in the NBA; "I'm not humble," Lin says -"Pride is [the] greatest sin [that] I struggle with. But I'd say [that] as I get older, go through more experiences in life and face tougher obstacles, I realize that I'm more sinful and need God more than I ever imagined."

Finally, one fan asked Lin whether his Mom hit him with a spoon after he dunked on her in Wednesday's Dunk Cam video. "She couldn't," Lin replied - "I was already running back on defense."

As the hour rounded out, Lin thanked his fans for their involvement - "You guys are seriously the best...thanks for the awesome questions and your support!!"