Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Comments on Jeremy Lin’s Style of Gameplay

( [email protected] ) Nov 25, 2014 11:16 PM EST
Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers teammates
Los Angeles Lakers teammates Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant. USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are having a rough 3-11 season so far. Despite having star athletes Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin on the roster, it seems both still haven't found their stride yet with each other.

Despite reports saying that Byrant and Lin are both struggling on the basketball court, Bryant shot down those rumors, according to Remar Stevenson of Realty Today. He claims that his chemistry with the Asian-American star is just fine.

"He and I are playing two-man action a lot and trying to take advantage of the defense that way," Bryant said, according to Serena Winters of Lakers Nation in a tweet.

According to Jacob Rude of Fansided, it makes sense on paper for Lin, 26, to join the Lakers. He lists the advantages of Lin's move to Los Angeles.

"Lin was returning to his home state to play for the world's most popular basketball team," Rude wrote. "He was joining a team that desperately needed his services as a play-making point guard. He would be lacing up next to the greatest player in Lakers history, one who was ready to mentor his successors."

Rude adds that there may be a clash of personalities between Bryant and Lin, which could be the reason why they lack chemistry on the basketball court.

"Bryant and his dominant personality has dwarfed Lin and his passiveness," Rude wrote. "Despite Bryant's urging both on and off the court, Lin has been unable to find a constant groove with the roster this season."

Rude also thinks that Bryant and Lin lacked enough practice time together.

Gregg Patton of The National wonders whether or not Lin will be able to help save the Lakers. The point guard moved up to the spotlight thanks to Steve Nash, 40, bowing out this season.

"To attack and create, a point guard needs the ball in his hands," Patton wrote. "It was the freedom to do as he pleased with ball possession that sparked his moment of NBA stardom in the winter of 2012 in New York."

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin
Lakers star Kobe Bryant, left, listens to teammate Jeremy Lin. (Christine Cotter / Associated Press)

However, Lin claims to have found a plan that works best for him.

"Just keep attacking, attacking, attacking," Lin said after a frustrating overtime loss to Denver this week. "I have to keep it simple, go out and create and create as many plays as possible for myself and my teammates."

Lin's underwhelming gameplay this season has not helped him either. According to Rude, he has five games under 10 points and four games over 15 points, which is quite inconsistent.

However, even Bryant's epic performance of attempting many shots on the court has failed to fix the issues surrounding the Lakers.

"Seven times this year, he's attempted 25 or more shots, a number far too high if he's looking to get his teammates involved," Rude wrote. "In fact, in Lin's six worst games, Bryant averages 28.2 field goal attempts a game."

Despite his gameplay, Kobe actually had a few compliments about Lin.

"He added some jump shots to his game lately," Bryant said. "That's key for him and it's key for us. It'll open up our game."

According to Patton, Lin has been previously quoted as saying that the Lakers' multiple problems included "communication, trust, and effort." He updated the status of his team after playing a few games.

"It's better," Lin said with a smile. "I think we're communicating, trusting and giving effort."

Rude notes that Lin has the potential to deliver for the Lakers. However, he warns that Lin's time in Los Angeles could end "if he and Bryant can't find a way to mesh instead of clash."

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