New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers Live Stream Free: Watch Online NFL 2014 Week 13 Football [CBS TV]

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The New England Patriots will put their seven-game winning streak on the line Nov. 30 against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. They could face a tough slog though, given that the Packers haven't lost a home game so far this season.
New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady AP Photo

The New England Patriots will put their seven-game winning streak on the line Nov. 30 against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Fans can watch online the Patriots vs. Packers matchup on live stream - free for subscribers - below. 

According to an Associated Press report, the Packers will try to remain unbeaten at home during Sunday's game, while New England aims for its eighth straight win. The Patriots' last four games have been blowout wins, averaging 23 points per game.

"It's not realistic for us to expect to continue to blow teams out like that, or, I don't want to say blow out, but win by a large margin," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. "I can't really put my finger on what it is. I think it's a culmination of things and preparation, I think, is at the forefront of that."

The Associated Press has noted New England's exceptional scoring rate; the Patriots have averaged 39.5 points during their winning streak, which is 7 points better than their league-leading average. Quarterback Tom Brady has achieved in the past four games 315.3 passing yards per game, 22 touchdowns and four interceptions.

New England tight end Tim Wright gave the Associated Press a reason why his team has been dominant when it comes to scoring with wide margins.

"I would just say taking it one play at a time, not looking at the scoreboard, keeps the offense rolling," Wright said. "It all builds up at the end of the game when you look at the scoreboard at the points that we're beating teams by."

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, this game could be seen as a rivalry between Brady and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Although they are friends off the field, the fact that both teams are in different leagues means that their matchups have been quite rare in the NFL.

"I don't have a void in my career for not playing them more times," Rodgers said. "I have a ton of respect for them in their careers, but again I don't ever look at it like it's one quarterback against another. It takes 11 every single play to be effective. We play against some great teams in the NFC all the time. They've spent their careers in the AFC and that's kind of the way it's gone."

Demovsky noted that although their teams have played twice since Rodgers joined Green Bay back in 2005, he only played in backup duty in 2006 and missed the 2010 game due to an injury. Despite that, Rodgers did have some comments about Brady.

"Tom loves talking ball," Rodgers said. "So every time we get together it's always fun to talk football and see what he's been thinking about and talk about his season and maybe throw some film on and watch a little bit of stuff."

As for Green Bay's strategy against New England, the key to victory, according to Rodgers, lies with him working together with wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

"Teams are going to take away what we do best, and what we've done best is get the ball to Jordy and Randall," Rodgers said. "They've had big statistical seasons so (opponents) try to take them out of the game."

Belichick admits to the Associated Press that the Patriots may have a tough slog ahead of them on the Packers' home turf.

"We're playing Green Bay in Green Bay," Belichick said. "That's where they've been very dominant, really, in terms of getting ahead and playing from ahead, first quarter. The numbers are staggering."

Sunday's game between the Patriots and Packers will be broadcast at 4:25 p.m. ET/1:25 p.m. PT on CBS. Although subscriptions are required for both options, viewers can stream the match online in real time through NFL Sunday Ticket and catch it on demand afterwards through NFL Game Rewind.

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