Muslim-Run 'No-Go' Areas of England, France, and Sweden Are Real, Experts Argue

( [email protected] ) Jan 20, 2015 07:58 AM EST
London protests
Protesters in London hold up signs threatening European non-Muslims. Photo:

When Steve Emerson, the founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, was forced to apologize for saying that Birmingham, England is an "all-Muslim" city where non-Muslims aren't allowed, many believed that his entire statements about certain "no-go" areas of Europe were all false. But Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech in London yesterday about the truth of the matter, letting the world know that these "no-go" regions are real, even though European governments won't admit it.

"When I heard this frankly, I choked on my porridge and I thought it must be April Fools Day. This guy is clearly a complete idiot," said British Prime Minister David Cameron regarding Emerson's claim about Birmingham. While Emerson issued a full apology for the Birmingham comment specifically, it's the overall story that has been swept under the rug, according to conservative commentator Alan West.

"There is a problem and 'porridge choking' won't solve the problem that a disturbing number of European youth are becoming either radicalized or disenfranchised enough to consider fighting against their own country and their own way of life," West said on his blog.

"The prevailing method of ignoring the problem, or any problem that doesn't conform to a specified manner of thinking, and shutting down dissent by name-calling has never and will never work."

France plays host to 751 "sensitive urban zones" (Zones Urbaines Sensibles (ZUS)) that contain citizens with "low home ownership rates, low income and low education levels." USA Today calls these areas "the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations."

"The 'sensitive' neighborhoods are places which Islamic immigrants regard as their territory and whites enter at their own risk," according to West. "French report says almost 1 in 5 French have been victims of racist insults or worse. A few cases have even gone to trial."

So how can this continue to happen while the governments of France, England, Germany, and others turn a blind eye? West says it's all politics. "At the root of any conflict or chasm lies the culprit of the ages: power," he says. "The French Left and many mayors actively promote the growth and spread of sectarian Islam, for their own good reason: Muslims have become an important constituency of the Left. In fact, 93 percent voted for socialist President Francois Hollande in the last election."

In October of last year, Swedish police gave up 55 "no-go" zones to Muslim gangs after withstanding attacks on officers, firemen, mailmen, and several other government workers at the hands of these gangs. These Muslim-run gangs have become so unruly that there are vehicle checkpoints set up on the borders of these zones, but they're not police checkpoints, Daily Caller points out. "It's the gangs securing home turf against law enforcement and rival gangs."

The report goes on to describe a specific confrontation that Swedish police had with Muslim gang members back in May. During the conflict, the gangs members surrounded the officers, but back-up was called off due to fears from police officials. "The police commander didn't send the backup units in, fearing escalation and all-out war. The cornered police officers were left to fend for themselves."

While politics help hide these types of situations, West commends Governor Jindal for having the courage to speak out against what's only getting worse. "The wisdom to see, the courage to speak up and the ability to press forward in the face of angry, fearful and political detractors who are fearful and awestruck with their own power," West explains. "Courage to speak and act is a rare quality in this political season."