Starring 'Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson, Pure Flix's ‘Faith of Our Fathers’ Movie Release to Commemorate Vietnam War

( [email protected] ) Apr 07, 2015 03:11 PM EDT
Faith of Our Fathers
(Photo : Pure Flix)

Pure Flix, a faith-based film company, plans to release a film entitled "Faith of our Fathers" on July 1 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. One of the actors includes Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson, who is a veteran of that conflict.

According to a press release posted on Christian Newswire by Michael Conrad, the film focuses on a story of faith and friendship during a time of war. Robertson, who fought in the war himself, elaborated on the storyline in the upcoming film.

"This story is about two sons on a road trip to learn about their dads," Robertson said. "It's a story about Vietnam, but it happens in all wars, and I'm proud to be part of a film that helps bring peace to people."

The "Duck Dynasty" star talked about how the war personally affected him.

"So many young men who went to Vietnam never came home," Robertson said. "Hey, they left families behind who never got to know those great guys."

Film producer Bobby Downes, who worked alongside Pure Flix with his company Downes Brothers, talked about the themes behind the film's production. He hoped the film would leave a positive impact on both veterans of all wars and their families.

"From Vietnam battlefields to emotional battlefields of today, 'Faith of our Fathers' shows the power of faith in God to transform lives," Downes said. "Uplifting and encouraging, 'Faith of our Fathers' is an important journey - one that brings honor, and, hopefully, healing to vets and families affected by their great sacrifices."

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Doug Carver, who worked as a chaplain, explained why the faith-based film was being released around an important time in U.S. history.

"'Faith of our Fathers' is coming out at a strategically important time in American history as our nation is currently commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War," Carver said.

Pure Flix Co-Founder and President Michael Scott noted that the film's intent was to honor "all of those who served" in the military.

"Pure Flix is thrilled to partner with Downes Brothers and Samuel Goldwyn as we commemorate this important moment in our nation's history," Scott said.

Meyer Gottlieb, president of Samuel Goldwyn, explained why his company was willing to partner with Pure Flix to distribute the film in U.S. theaters.

"Samuel Goldwyn Films is about unique voices bringing original stories to a wide audience," Gottlieb said. "In that spirit, 'Faith of our Fathers' is a fresh look at brotherhood forged in battle and love's lasting power into future generations."

In addition to Robertson, actors Kevin Downes, Stephen Baldwin and Candace Cameron Bure also star in the upcoming film, as well as award-winning Christian singer Rebecca St. James. A trailer of the film has been uploaded to YouTube.

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