Kate Middleton Due Date, Gender, Royal Baby Girl And Boy's Name Predictions

( [email protected] ) Apr 15, 2015 08:53 PM EDT
The United Kingdom is preparing for the second royal baby from Prince William and Kate Middleton sometime this month. Bookies across the country have taken bets on the baby’s gender and name.
Kate Middleton makes her first appearance with Prince George outside St Mary's Hospital in London in 2013. Reuters

The United Kingdom is preparing for the second royal baby from Prince William and Kate Middleton sometime this month. Bookies across the country have taken bets on the baby's gender and name.

According to a report from Press Association, parking restriction notices have been erected outside the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth. The closures cited a "special event" taking place between now and April 30.

"The Duchess and her husband the Duke of Cambridge are counting down to the arrival of a baby brother or sister for Prince George," Press Association wrote. "Kate went on maternity leave at the end of March."

Press Association reported that the duchess will give birth at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London. Her delivery will be overseen by surgeon-gynecologist Guy Thorpe-Beeston, who also oversaw the birth of her first son about two years ago.

"Kate will be hoping for a straightforward, natural birth, just as she had with George, and second labors are often much quicker than the first," Press Association wrote.

Press Association looked at the speculation surrounding when the baby will be born. Some have suggested the Queen's birthday on April 21, the fourth wedding anniversary of William and Kate on April 29, or on April 25.

"The baby will be fourth in line to the throne and the Queen's fifth great-grandchild," Press Association wrote.

According to Press Association, the Duchess will be given 10 percent off the Lindo's fees thanks to a loyalty discount for mothers who go back to deliver their second child. A suite of two rooms for a one-night stay with normal delivery in that hospital costs £6,570 (about $9,800) in addition to consultant fees of around £6,000 (about $9,000).

As for what the gender and name of the second royal baby will be, Lily Harrison of E! News reported that some people have placed bets on various possibilities. British-based gaming company Punters of Ladbrokes predicted that the royal couple will welcome a baby girl; 82 percent of wagers have made that prediction.

"Bets are also on what the next royal baby's name will be, with Alice being at the top of the list," Harrison wrote. "The moniker is a 3:1 favorite for punters, followed closely by Elizabeth, Charlotte and Alexandra."

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes explained the company's prediction in a statement.

"The nation would love to see a new princess join the royal family, and punters have their money where their mouth is and forced the odds to be cut," Bridge said.

According to Harrison, if Middleton gives birth to another boy, the bets indicated that the name would either be James (Middeton's brother's name), Arthur, Henry or Charles.

"The couple do not know what the sex of the baby is!" the palace said to E! News.

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