Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Say '19 Kids and Counting' Is a 'Family Ministry,' Having Grandchildren Is 'Ten Times Better' Than They Imagined

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2015 12:09 PM EDT
Duggar Parents
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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say they view

'19 Kids and Counting' stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently opened up about their growing brood of grandchildren, emphasizing that it is "ten times better" than they could have imagined.

In April, the couple's daughter, Jessa, announced she and husband Ben Seewald are expecting their first child--just a few weeks after her older sister Jill gave birth to a baby boy, Israel David Dillard, with her husband, Derick.

"I've heard people say how wonderful it is to have those grandchildren," Michelle said in an interview with The Morning Blend. "It is like ten times better than what they said."

"It is such a joy!" the Duggar matriarch added. "I am just so thankful to have all these grandbabies coming along, doubling the number of grandchildren this year. We've gone from three grandchildren to six."

The couple's first three grandchildren are Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus, the children of eldest Duggar son Josh and Anna. Anna is currently pregnant with a fourth child, recently revealed to be a girl.

Michelle also addressed the widespread speculation that Jessa, who is due November 1st, may be pregnant with twins, admitting that she is responsible for spreading the rumor.

She explained that she was so thrilled when Jessa made the announcement that she told her pregnant daughter, "Who knows Jess, you may have twins!"

"In our family, twins kind of run in the maternal line, and surely somewhere along the way one of the girls will possibly have twins," Michelle said.

Because there are still young children at home--the youngest Duggar, Josie, is only 5--Jim Bob and Michelle noted that it is a "big party" whenever the Duggar grandchildren come over.

The Duggar parents also addressed the massive success of their TLC show, which first aired in 2008 and began its 10th season in February 2015.

"When we were asked to do the show 11 years ago, we said we'd do it as long as they didn't' edit out our faith," Jim Bob said. "They've given us the ability to use the show to include a lot of Bible principles that we live by, and really, that's the foundation for our lives. We want to encourage people that Bible principles work,  and as each family turns their hearts towards God, they can set their family on a firm foundation."

Michelle added, "We really believe it is a family ministry to encourage others to love their family, love their children, and enjoy this time you have with them, because before you know it, you'll blink, and they'll be grown.

"19 Kids and Counting" airs Tuesday nights on TLC.