Kate Middleton's Royal Baby Princess Charlotte Does Not Impress Pitch Perfect Star; ‘It Just Looks like Every Baby’

( [email protected] ) May 16, 2015 03:49 PM EDT
Royal baby Charlotte's charm fails to capture Picture Perfect star Anna Kendrick but continues to captivate the rest of the world.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the baby Princess Charlotte. Photo: John Stillwell/pool

Apparently, not everyone has jumped into the royal baby craze. Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect, told Seth Meyers on Thursday that she couldn't understand what the big fuss is about concerning the recent addition to the British royal family, Princess Charlotte.

The actress, who happened to be in London to promote her new movie when the baby was born, witnessed how the streets lined up with crowds, with people waving flags and cheering for the arrival of their new princess.

"It was like the city had gone crazy," she said, according to US Magazine.

She described how some people baked special cakes to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte. "I was like, 'The baby doesn't know you're doing that! The baby doesn't care!'"

She went on to say that the new princess is nothing special. "It just looks like every baby," she said.

The actress may not care about Princess Charlotte,  but there is no denying that the world has been enchanted with Kate Middleton and Prince William's new baby, and interest on the  little princess is growing.

A man who bought the domain name princesscharlotte.com in 2011 says he has had five inquiries - just on the day the baby was born - about how much he is willing to sell the domain for.

Michael Katz, a hospice fundraiser from New York, was surprised at how many people are interested to buy the domain he bought at a cheap price four years ago. Before the inquiries came in, he had even forgotten that he owned it.

He had been buying domain names as a hobby. "I just like buying fun, interesting domain names and hoping they will end up being worth something one day," he said, according to Mirror.

Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would hit the jackpot with princesscharlotte.com, which is now estimated to be worth more than $9,000.

Kevin Macpherson, a domain name broker, told Mirror that "the value of a domain name is based on the volume of search engine traffic for those words."

He explained that with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge giving their new daughter the name "Charlotte," searches for "Princess Charlotte" will increase, thus giving Katz's domain name a high value.

Katz is planning to auction the domain name, hoping the sales would help ease his expenses for his children who are in college. He is grateful that Kate Middleton and Prince William named their baby Charlotte.

He said, "I owe William and Kate. I will have to send them a card."

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