Texas Floods: ‘Wall of Water’ Kills 28, More Than a Dozen Missing in Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico

( [email protected] ) May 27, 2015 12:03 PM EDT
Texas flood
(Photo : Reuters)
Scores of vehicles are abandoned as flood swamped central Texas.

A wall of water flooded central Texas, Oklahoma and northern Mexico killing 28 people and 14 others missing, as several days of violent weather caused torrential rains and tornadoes that swamped both sides of the border, various media reports said.

A report by the Agance France Presse said that Houston Mayor Annise Parker warned of more deadly flooding as she advised residents "to continue to be safe and recognize that we may have more rain later today."

At least 10 inches of rain fell in Houston in just a few hours that triggered the worst flooding in the city that left scores of people trapped in their cars or marooned in their homes. Parker told a press conference, "We have cars littered all over the city," and added that that emergency crews are rushing to reach trapped people.

She advised Houston residents to be on alert for more life-threatening conditions due to the flooding.  Parker warned, "If you're in a low-lying area and we're expecting more flash flooding this weekend, you've got to seek higher ground. It's a life or death situation at this point. All of the rivers are completely saturated... Any additional rainfall, as much as an inch or two, will once again turn into a possibility where we'll be in a flash flooding situation,."

The report added that around 200 NBA waited the night in the Toyota Center, including Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard as flood waters rushed into the arena. Howard was quoted as saying, "There's no need to try to push it. I don't think it's smart for anybody to try to be out in this weather."

President Barack Obama has ordered an immediate assistance to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and described the flooding as "terrible."

Obama said Tuesday, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the communities that have been affected by some of these devastating, record-breaking floods."

A separate report by WSLS.com said that another body was recovered near the Blanco River in Texas Tuesday, bringing the death toll in that state and in Oklahoma to 19. But the death toll is feared to rise as 14 people remain missing in Texas, including eight members of two families after their vacation home was swept by the rushing wall of water.

Texas flood
(Photo : WSLS.com)
Hundreds of vehicles are submerged under water after severe weather hits Texas and Oklahoma.

Authorities said that 12 people were killed in Texas, including a 14-year-old boy in Desoto who was found in a storm drain, and 18-year-old homecoming queen Alyssa Ramirez after her car was swept off the road as she returned home from prom in Devine on Sunday.

The National Weather Service echoed the warnings of Parker and said meteorologists are expecting more rain could hit the already flooded parts of Texas, with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms through 1am Wednesday in the Houston area.

Rescue teams are still continuing their search and rescue operations along the Blanco River to look for those who are missing and the two families whose vacation home was swept away by the tsunami-like storm surge.

Hays County Commissioner Will Conley said that a record surge 44 feet high rammed the houses along its path Sunday. The previous surge record down the Blanco River was 32 feet, recorded in 1926.

Conley said, "It was literally a large wall of water that came down the Blanco River and destroyed everything in its path.

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