NBA Draft 2015 Live Stream and Preview (ESPN): Watch Online As Top Picks Are Selected

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The 2015 NBA Draft presented by State Farm is scheduled to take place in New York City. Basketball fans can live stream the event on ESPN’s website and watch online via ESPN’s app.
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The 2015 NBA Draft presented by State Farm is scheduled to take place in New York City. Basketball fans can live stream the event on ESPN's website and watch online via ESPN's app though the links below.

According to Kevin O'Connor of SB Nation, 60 players are looking at their prospects this year in the NBA Draft. He thought that "much of the hysteria is warranted" compared to previous years.

"This year's draft class is loaded with All-Star talent in the lottery and potential steals in the 20-40 range," O'Connor wrote. "Lottery picks like Karl-Anthony Towns and Mario Hezonja could blossom into stars, while mid-draft picks like Anthony Brown and Michael Frazier have the tools to surpass all expectations."

O'Connor compared this year's draftees with that from the 2012 draft, which included "stars like Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard as well as steals like Draymond Green and Khris Middleton." He thought Towns of Kentucky and Jahlil Okafor of Duke would take the top spots in this year's draft.

Matt Moore of CBS Sports looked at which teams would best fit the top prospects, in particular Towns and Okafor.

"We talk about 'fit' when it comes to the NBA draft all the time," Moore wrote. "We typically only consider it from the team's perspective, but what if players had a choice, and they were looking for the best fit?"

Moore thought that Towns would most likely end up with the Minnesota Timberwolves, adding "that's not a bad thing."

"The Wolves are a bit stocked down low, but Towns will clear out room for himself immediately," Moore wrote. "He'll also be paired with Andrew Wiggins, who can share the star-player burden, and there's also Ricky Rubio to find him for dunks and get him the ball."

However, Moore also thought that the Lakers would be "perfect" for Towns.

"An organization with a rich history of Hall-of-Fame big men, Towns would get to play next to Julius Randle, who would complement his skills perfectly, and learn from Kobe Bryant about what it takes to win," Moore wrote. "Towns would never worry about the team going into the luxury tax, or making moves to surround him with talent."

As for Okafor, Moore thought he would also be a good fit at the Lakers.

"He'll get the ball and seems ready to handle the challenge," Moore said of Okafor. "If he wants to get better defensively, he'll sink or swim alongside Bryant in practices."

Moore also believed that the New York Knicks would work for Okafor, who he described as "a gifted passer."

"He would execute so well in that kind of a situation and the Knicks could focus on finding a shot-blocking five to play next to him, while putting Melo at the high elbow in the standard triangle set," Moore wrote. "Then the Knicks just need to find a guard and somehow make the triangle offense work without elite talent for the first time in its entire existence and you've really got something!"

However, both Okafor and Towns would not fit well with the Philadelphia Sixers, according to Moore.

"The Sixers would be a terrible fit for him, considering both their cold-hearted approach to development and star management and the presence of Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid," Moore wrote of Towns. "The idea is if the Sixers find a true star, they'll commit to him and take care of him, but you also can't control if they think you're that guy or not."

Moore added that similar sentiments would also apply to Okafor.

"Okafor would get plenty of touches if they trade Noel or Embiid to make room for him, and Brown could coach his defense up," Moore wrote.

The NBA Draft will be broadcasted at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT Thursday on ESPN. Internet viewers can watch online the event on and live stream on the app, although both options do require a subscription.

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