GTA 5 Update: New Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Transforms Game Into An RPG

( [email protected] ) Aug 02, 2015 02:22 AM EDT
GTA 5 is many things; it is a racing game, an action game, and more. But there’s one thing missing—it is definitely not an RPG. A modder has decided to give it a new flavor and shared a GTA 5 mod that practically turns the game into an RPG.
New mod transforms the GTA 5 into an RPG. Rockstar Games

Some gamers believe that GTA 5 is already perfect in its current form. But for those who would like to see it in a different light, today is their lucky day. A modder has decided to give it a new flavor and shared a GTA 5 mod (or modification) that practically turns the game into an RPG (role-playing game).

GTA 5 Modder Turns the Game Into an Exciting RPG

Grand Theft Auto V, or simply GTA 5, is an open-world, action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games. It enjoys a huge following mainly because of its addictive gameplay and its availability to all major gaming platforms like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and even on older devices such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

GTA 5 has been given a lot of descriptions; it is a racing game, an action game, a timely reference to America's self-obsessed culture of depending on violence for entertainment. However, there is one thing missing-it is definitely not an RPG.

That being said, a video game modder has taken matters into his own hands and decided to turn that idea into reality. A modder going by the moniker LogicSpawn has just made a mod called "GTA: RPG." As GameRanx puts it, this new script puts in all the bells and whistles that players have already been enjoying in other titles like Watch Dogs and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

What to Look Forward to on The New GTA 5 RPG Mod

LogicSpawn's GTA 5 RPG mod features looting systems and several other tweaks to the game. Those who will install it can also befriend NPCs (non-playing characters) who can affect how the game will turn out. LogicSpawn is a game modder from the UK and players who may want to see his mod in action before actually getting it can watch a clip he released on YouTube.

Apart from changes mentioned, the RPG mod has also revamped GTA 5's skills. Typically, players build up their skills such as flying, driving, and shooting abilities by playing the game continuously, but they don't have a choice over what skills they can have. In this GTA: RPG mod, they can enjoy the perks of an ability tree, with various skills for user-made characters and vehicles. 

This GTA 5 RPG mod is now available at LogicSpawn's website. However, gamers should be careful and need to be aware that they are doing this at their own risk. There had been reports that some mods contain dangerous malware.  


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