Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Release Date: Photo Leak Shows Strange Physical Keyboard Accessory before Unpacked 2015 Event

( [email protected] ) Aug 08, 2015 08:51 AM EDT
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will reportedly come with a keyboard case. Serial leakster Evan Blass has posted a photo showing the Galaxy S6 Edge+ clad in a case with built-in physical keyboard.
A rumored photo of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus fitted into a keyboard case leaked online. Evan Blass on Twitter (@Evleaks)

Next week, we will probably know more about the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus during Samsung's Unpacked 2015 event in New York City. However, just a few days before the expected launch, a new leaked photo surfaced online showing the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus clad in a case with built-in physical keyboard.

Earlier today, serial leakster Evan Blass shared the picture via his @Evleaks Twitter account. It features a render of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which he touted as "S6E+," paired with what appears to be a slide-on case with QWERTY keyboard.

Aside from the photo, Blass has not shared any other detail about the keyboard case. It is not clear whether it is manufactured by Samsung itself of by a third-party case maker. But Phone Arena pointed out that it is possibly a Samsung product since the design of the keyboard's Android navigation buttons is similar to those found on older Galaxy devices.

Upon inspecting the photo, it is evident that the case will cover the lower third of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus display. It is obviously designed to replace touch-based typing by the more traditional physical QWERTY input method. Aside from letters and number, physical buttons for recent apps, back function, and Home are also furnished in. Another interesting aspect is that the handset's user interface actually adjusted to accommodate the keyboard accessory.

If this keyboard case actually exists, it would imply that Samsung is still intent on satisfying a portion of the market who value physical keyboards more than its software version. Aside from the keyboard, the rest of the purported case appears to be normal-looking. Judging from the photo, it would most likely be a polycarbonate shell that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can snap into.

So far, a lot of users who commented on Evan Blass' tweeted photo seem to believe that the keyboard accessory is fake or just a prank. However, Blass has not exactly been known to joke about his device leaks. He had been wrong for a few times in the past but it is obvious that he is serious when it comes to posting rumors and leaks about unannounced products.

Either way, if this is indeed an official Galaxy S6 Edge Plus accessory made by Samsung, or by a another case maker, or just a joke, we are likely going to find on August 13 when the device maker's Unpacked Event unravels.

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