NFL Trade News: Green Bay Packers Release Ricky Collins; NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers Backup To Start Against New England Patriots?

( [email protected] ) Aug 13, 2015 03:31 AM EDT
Aaron Rodgers
The Green Bay Packers will play against the New England Patriots in the pre-season NFL match on Thursday (August 13).

As the NFL pre-season games heat up, the Green Bay Packers are gearing up for the team's match against the reigning Super Bowl champions on Thursday (August 13). Apart from seeing how the Wisconsin team will measure up to the New England Patriots, fans and followers of the Green Bay Packers might even get to witness Scott Tolzien in action.

As the backup quarterback for the NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers, Tolzien definitely has very big shoes to fill once he gets called to take over from the Green Bay Packers' lead star. While this task of leading the NFL team seem daunting, Green Bay Packers position coach Alex Van Pelt feel that Tolzien can actually measure up to the great quarterback. Training all summer long and showing off his chops to the rest of the NFL team, the backup player has exhibited notable improvements in his performance.

"The thing I've noticed more than anything this year is the accuracy," shared Van Pelt, referring to the noteworthy progress made by the Rodgers backup, according to ESPN. The position coach added, "The location of the throws are right on the money. He's making the tight throws and throwing into tight coverage to the right shoulder and things like that. That's what's stood out to me so far."

According to Pelt, the entire training routine of Tolzien with the Green Bay Packers this season focused on his ability to replicate the manner by which the reigning NFL MVP "manages" the game. While Tolzien is clearly not expected to play in the exact same way as the Green Bay Packers lead quarterback, the NFL team looks forward to seeing him show similarities in controlling the offense and working the system of the group. Basically, Tolzien is expected to be witnessed "running" the Green Bay Packers in the NFL games the team will be playing this season.

As if the intense training of Tolzien was not enough to show him how much the NFL team values his presence, the Green Bay Packers up the ante by letting go of Matt Flynn earlier this month. With the decision to release Flynn, Tolzien goes up to second place - only behind Rodgers - in the quarterback roster. Needless to say, the Green Bay Packers will be looking up to him should Rodgers be forced to sit out a game or a bunch of matches.

"First and foremost, you're trying to prove it to yourself," admitted Tolzien, referring to the opportunity for him to lead the Green Bay Packers this NFL season. He went on to say, "But really I don't think you want to blow the game out of proportion. It's just a game, and you want to trust the preparation that you put in and ultimately on game day have fun and enjoy the work that you've put in."

Apart from ensuring that the NFL team has a solid back up for the quarterback post, the Green Bay Packers also made some slight improvements in the roster. Earlier this week, wide receiver Ricky Collins was released by the Green Bay Packers - a move that fans of the NFL team believe signifies the abundance of athletes playing the said position in the group. Collins is a non-drafted free agent fresh out of Texas A&M-Commerce. He was welcomed in the Green Bay Packers locker room on May 8, 2015.

Given the fact that there is a huge possibility for Tom Brady to miss the New England Patriots game against the Green Bay Packers due to the NFL "Deflategate" scandal he got involved in last season, the game this Thursday might lean towards the Wisconsin team's favor. With Jimmy Garoppolo rumored to start for the New England Patriots, it could be interesting to see if the Green Bay Packers would take the risk and put in Tolzien instead of Rodgers in the upcoming pre-season NFL match.

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