The Walking Dead Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers; Everything You Need to Know

( [email protected] ) Aug 24, 2015 11:54 AM EDT
Season 6 of AMC's hugely popular zombie apocalypse drama series The Walking Dead will premiere on Oct. 11 at 9 pm with a 90-minute premiere, with The Talking Dead to follow at 10:30.

Season 6 of AMC's hugely popular zombie apocalypse drama series The Walking Dead will premiere on Oct. 11 at 9 pm with a 90-minute premiere, with The Talking Dead to follow at 10:30 p.m.

The Walking Dead showrunners Jorge Garcia and Scott M. Gimple were guests at Sunday's (August 23) The Talking Dead special hosted by Chris Hardwick and offered insights into the upcoming next season of the successful franchise as reported by Undead Walking. Here are some of the biggest season spoilers that will surely excite, and even upset, loyal fans of the popular series.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead is going to be massive and ginormous, according to Gimple, with the cast and crew still trying to figure out a way to work the "insane scripts" for the upcoming episodes.

Scott M. Gimple says season 6 is massive and "ginormous", with the cast and crew trying to figure out how they pulled off the insane scripts they were given. And for a surely shocking and upsetting news to fans, characters are going to die in the next season, the duo said. However, Gimple assures fans that even dead characters still have tales to tell.

This bit of information makes it more difficult when the characters will be killed off in the show and also hinted of possible flashbacks of dead characters.

The Talking Dead also provide fans more reason not to miss the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 6. Aside from being a long episode at 90 minutes, the first episode will feature the most number of walkers than the previous episodes in past seasons. More importantly, the first episode will provide plenty of clues as to what fans should expect during the course of the entire season.

And thanks to Lennie James who plays Morgan Jones, cheese has become a trending topic on Twitter after he revealed in a video that he learned how to use a bo staff that involves cheese and how it has become an obsession for him at home and even the grocery store looking for cheese.

And contrary to most fans belief that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan will rekindle their friendship in the next season, the two former friends will actually be in conflict based on their belief structure and the impression Morgan saw when he met Rick again in the season finale of the season 5.

Gimple also confirmed that the "W" in the walkers is the doing of The Wolves, that are actually a code. The Wolves also have a certain reason for mutilating the bodies the way they wanted.

Gimple confirms that The Wolves have taken down at least two settlements, with this being their calling card.

In a previous interview with EW, Gimple said The Wolves would not present an immediate threat in the first half of The Walking Dead season 6. However, Rick Grimes group and Alexandria will be faced with multiple threats in the first half of the season.

He said, "There are multiple threats, even in the first half of the season. And sort of different versions of threats we've seen before. The first three episodes are quite intense, and the cast and crew are - we just shot them out of a cannon directly into another cannon that we shot them out of again. The first three episodes are - we say every year, 'Ah, it's so crazy' and everything, and it has been crazy - but the first three episodes this year and the things that we're doing are very big and very difficult, and we're pushing people hard, and in some ways I think we're going to be pushing the audience hard. I'm pretty excited and terrified about it."

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