Scientists Reveal Truth at How Possible James Bond’s Stunts Are in The Real World

( [email protected] ) Nov 01, 2015 12:12 PM EST
The whole world was stunned at the amazing stunts 007 pulled out in Spectre - the latest installment in the elite James Bond film franchise.
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The whole world was stunned at the amazing stunts 007 pulled out in Spectre - the latest installment in the elite James Bond film franchise.

The question on most people's minds are: how many of these stunts in the James Bond films are CGI creations, and which ones are remotely possible?

The Daily Mail reports that a good many of them are.

According to the report, scientists and engineers have looked into the stunts of a number of James Bond films and have put in their two cents on how many of these could happen in the real world.

The first stunt under evaluation is from Spectre which has a chopper doing a 360° corkscrew stunt. Helicopter pilot Mike Buckley from the British Airline Pilots Association says that "Helicopter pilots are highly trained and this footage appears to be a Bo105 undertaking a very skilled manoeuvre with an expert pilot at the controls," saying in not so many words that this deed is possible.

Another stunt under evaluation was Goldfinger's use of Odd Job's hat trick. In the scene, Goldfinger has Odd Job throw his metal-brimmed bowler hat frisbee style, at a stone statue, thereby decapitating the statue.

Professor of experimental physics Metin Tolan, who is from the Technical University of Dortmund says this can be done, but bowler hot needs to be heavy and the hat thrown at lightning speed.  

To take the statue's head off, the density of the metal in the hat rim would have to be higher than the stone's.

The third stunt is Moonraker's airborne fight and soft landing. In the movie, Bond's enemy, Jaws fights with Bond over a parachute in mid-air, loses, and plummets down until he lands on a huge circus tent. He is unharmed. Says Professor Tolan, "We've calculated this and it definitely is possible."

"Jaws's speed falling without a parachute would be 93 to 112mph (150 to 180km/h). If you are decelerated by a tent approximately 10m high, then it is still a heavy fall and you will be hurt, but not killed," he adds.

Bond makes it look like the trademark smooth and impossible stunts are easy to perform. But nothing can be further from the truth.

Daniel Craig admits that since he took on the role of 007, he has experienced numerous accidents resulting in a knee operation, sliced finger, and facial damage that necessitated on site attention from his cosmetic surgeon, Den of Geek reports.



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