'The Bachelor' Season 20 Episode 5 Recap: ABC Leaves Viewers Hanging This Week in Mexico City

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11 girls are now trying to win the corazon of Bachelor Ben this week in Mexico City. One woman gets sent home early during the group date for a feeling of pulling away.  Who gets a rose, and who is sent packing? Find out here!
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11 girls dating the same guy are off to Mexico City to continue their adventure and try to win the corazon(heart) of Bachelor Ben.

Olivia's gut is telling her that she will be the one going on a one- on- one date because of their special language.

Sorry Olivia, the one-on-one goes to Amanda.

"Let's put all of our eggs in one basket. Ben"

This surprises Olivia because Amanda has children. She doesn't think that is what Ben wants.

When Ben goes to pick up Amanda, it is at 4:30 a.m., and he walks in and wakes them all up. This freaks out the girls that he saw them in their imperfect state. Amanda must have slept in her makeup, though. She woke up looking much better than anyone else.

They get to take a hot air balloon trip over Teotihuaca. Amanda can't stop saying,"Amazing."

They have a romantic picnic in field in front of the pyramid and talk about her children some. She's worried that it will scare him away. She tells him that she was married before- to someone who had an addictive personality and cheated on her after she had become pregnant with her 2nd baby. She felt embarrased that people might judge her because they think she must not have worked on her marriage. But Ben thinks she is incredible. Ben gives her the date rose.

"Cómo se dice...this is the way to a man's heart? Group date time with nine of the ladies.

Ben is seen practicing his Spanish to ask where the bathroom is.

For the first part of the date, they are going to take Spanish class. They learn to say things like,"I'm falling in love with you."

"I am the woman for you."

"Will you marry me?"

The Spanish they just learned is going to come in handy for something other than empty promises to make other women jealous. It will help them for the next part of the date. They go to the Restaurante Carbon. The challenge is to cook a meal, and the recipe will be in Spanish. Jubilee and Olivia fight over who gets to cook with Ben. Olivia is "feeling good" because she gets to cook with Ben. This makes the other girls super jealous. They are talking about her bad breath again, while Olivia, meanwhile is enjoying her mini one-on-one date within the group date. Ben does take her to try some mint. Was this a hint?

Cheesy quote of the night,"I'm no longer the Bachelor, I'm the Spatulor." Ba-dum- psh.

Ben notices that Jubilee has been holding back since the beginning of the date. This is foreshadowing we all should be paying attention to.

The couple who run the restaurant tell the girls that in their culture, they believe a woman is ready to get married when she knows how to cook.

The winners of the competition are Jubilee and Lauren. The owners say their dish should be served in the restaurant. They don't get any roses for winning, though- or really anything special. They are just ready for marriage, I guess. Ben and Olivia's dish on the otherhand, leave a little less to be desired. "Looks like dogfood,"the owners tell each other in Spanish.

Jubilee wants to talk to Ben, but Olivia once again butts ahead of everyone to grab him alone again. Jubilee gets more and more mopey, as the night progresses, and Ben pulls all the other girls aside to go spend time with him. He even takes Lauren B. away and out to walk and kiss on the street, spending a really long time with her. Jubilee is really pissed off, and when Ben comes to get her, she doesn't even let him take her hand. She tells Ben that she is feeling overshadowed by the other girls. Ben tells her that he doesn't feel as confident as he did after the one-on-one date he had with her because she has been pulling away from him. Ben thinks that it would be unfair of him to tell her that he thinks there is something still there. He thinks it is best to say adios to her right then and there. "I'm like the most unloveable person in the world right now," Jubilee tells the camera. Don't worry, Jubilee. Someone's going to love you. Wasn't Ben once the most unloveable person? So, just go on a show where the guys are fighting for you. You'll be loved in no time.

JoJo takes the moment of Ben's heartbreak of letting Jubilee go to pull him away and try to butter him up. Still, Olivia ends up getting the rose. Oh, that is not making the girls happy at all!

Lauren H gets the other one on one. Since Mexico City is known for its fashion, they go to store where everything is inspired by Mexican art and culture. It happens to be Fashion Week, and they get invited to be guests at the fashion show.

Short break to show that Olivia is back on Cloud 9, and she is not threatened by someone else going on a 1-on-1 date now.

Watching the models, Lauren says that she couldn't be like the models with their stone faces. Cue the notification where they are told that they are going to be models! They had a great time walking the runway, and then they eat some dinner. Lauren encourages him for saying what's on his heart, and how he was able to handle the situation with Jubilee.

Back to the rest of the girls,"Having Jubilee go home tonight makes us realize that there are no rules."

Olivia is announcing her security with her date rose. The girls are still grumbling about how they can't believe it, and maybe Ben doesn't see what they see.

Olivia makes it even better when she tells Amanda that she reminds her of a Teen Mom episode. "Well, you remind me of Sookie."

The girls are fed up, and it's time to cry to Ben that Olivia is making them feel disrespected. Olivia's ears perk up and she realizes that she's being talked about. She's about to go squash that. Olivia goes to talk to him and gives Ben a ring. Ben's trying to feel her out discreetly, and then he asks other girls how they feel like things are going on in the house. They take the opportunity to show him the other side of Olivia. When Chris comes out to get Ben so he can make his choice, he takes a minute to pull Olivia aside. The girls are positive this is going to be the first time in Bachelor history where a rose gets taken away from a girl.

And then....

To Be Continued!

Way to leave us hanging, ABC! From the previews for next Monday, there seems to be a lot of crying to make me believe that he sends Olivia packing. According to the aftershow, which will be the last one for the season, 96% of Bachelor Nation say that Ben should take back the rose. What do you think?

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