NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos Paxton Lynch Better Than Mark Sanchez In Camp; Rookie Shows 'Tom Brady' Level Potential

( [email protected] ) Aug 03, 2016 02:19 AM EDT
NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos Paxton Lynch Better Than Mark Sanchez In Camp; Rookie Shows 'Tom Brady' Level Potential
Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform. Wikimedia Commons/Ed Yourdon

The quarterback battle in the Denver Broncos lineup is heating up as Paxton Lynch, who is pegged as the next Tom Brady, shows impressive skills in the gridiron. With Mark Sanchez figuring out ways to fill in the shoes of Peyton Manning, fans find it ironic that the rookie, who idolizes the New England Patriots nemesis of the Von Miller team, might just become their leader next season.

While sources claim that the former Philadelphia Eagles star is the sure starter, some fans believe that the rookie will displace Mark Sanchez in the lineup. Reports indicate that one of the primary reasons Paxton Lynch is not a confirmed starting quarterback is his lack of experience. That is, the Denver Broncos do not want to shock the young NFL star by fielding him right away. However, his recent development in training camp seems to be putting some doubts on the talent of Mark Sanchez.

Should the Denver Broncos consider Paxton Lynch a legitimate contender for the starting quarterback post? Will the rookie be able to outperform Mark Sanchez enough to convince the Super Bowl 50 champs to field him first instead in the NFL regular season?

"I definitely think I have the opportunity to better myself and put myself up in that position to play right away or sooner than I had thought," shared Paxton Lynch during one of the practices. The Denver Broncos rookie added, "I knew those guys were going to be ahead of me just because of experience -- Trevor his experience in the offense and Mark his experience in the league and me being a rookie, and this is the first time I've seen a playbook like that."

At the moment, the Denver Broncos have yet to decide who among Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian will be the best guy to take over the position left by the great Peyton Manning. While the rookie is a promising quarterback, some fans could not help but hold a grudge especially since the young star earlier said that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the better player than Peyton Manning.

"Now a days, it's based on rings, really. But Tom Brady's just in a league of his own right now, in my opinion - how many rings he's won and how big of a competitor he is," shared Paxton Lynch when asked who is the better quarterback between the New England Patriots leader and Peyton Manning. He added, "He just plays with a chip on his shoulder, and that's what I respect about him obviously. When he got drafted, you know, he was really late - basically not even drafted. To do what he's done from that position, I have a lot of respect for him."

What do you think? Who is the best qualified star to become the Denver Broncos starter? Will rookie Paxton Lynch really beat veteran star Mark Sanchez?

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