iPhone 7: Pressure-sensitive Home Button A Possibility In Space Black Chassis, iPhone 7 Plus Might Get Dual Cameras

( [email protected] ) Aug 08, 2016 10:02 PM EDT
Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 is all set to be revealed some time next month, so you can expect a fair number of rumors to accompany it prior to the iPhone 7's official release. It seems that the latest rumors point to a pressure-sensitive home button and a chassis that arrives in a shade of space black.
Rumored iPhone 7 design

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been made official, there is at least one more flagship device to look forward to before we bring 2016 to a close. The handset in question would be none other than Apple's next generation smartphone, the new iPhone 7. There has been a fair number of rumors concerning the iPhone 7 for some time now, which is normal for a device that has a huge following, and the latest rumors point to the iPhone 7 arriving with a pressure-sensitive Home button, not to mention the possibility of the handset arriving in a Space Black color.

Of course, in line with other rumors in the past, Engadget has reported that the new iPhone 7 will no longer favor the headphone jack, favoring instead the presence of stereo speakers to help you "share" your music with those around you without sounding out of place. 

As for the pressure-sensitive Home button, it is something that hails from "people familiar with the matter". In other words, this is most probably an internal affair that has made its way out to the public, and as opposed to a physical button all this while that can be pressed down in order to put into motion an action, the all new iPhone 7 is touted to arrive with a non-physical button. This particular "button" will vibrate so that you are aware that you have touched it, which is also in line with what Macotakara blogged about late last month. 

It does seem as though with all of the rumors starting to come in fast and furious where the next generation iPhone 7 is concerned, there will not be too many changes. After all, sales of the iconic iPhone have not kept up its insane pace in the course of the past few quarters, and Apple does look as though they need to have a "Pokemon Go" effect for the next iPhone iteration in order to make sure that buyers are interested and more than willing to part with their hard earned cash. 

One other thing about the mysterious new iPhone -- it might seem that there will be a dual-camera system that will arrive, albeit that would be made available for the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus, as its name suggests, will be a larger sized version of the iPhone 7, similar to how the iPhone 6 Plus is more generous in its size compared to the regular iPhone 6. With two cameras in tow at the back, this will definitely result in digital memories that are not only brighter, but also with fuller detail. Each sensor would snap its  own photo, before software merges both of them into a single image, allowing you to capture moments in crystal clear clarity. 

With the traditional 3.5mm audio jack being phased out, stereo speakers might feature for the very first time on an iPhone. Wireless headphones and speakers will then be a staple accessory, as well as devices that are compatible with the Lightning port. Needless to say, most of us would probably obtain adapters in order to prolong the life of our existing audio accessories with the new iPhone 7.

Last but not least, the iPhone 7 is said to arrive in a spanking new shade of Space Black, making it extremely alike to what one sees with the Apple Watch. 


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