Minecraft On Oculus Rift Launched

( [email protected] ) Aug 16, 2016 07:31 PM EDT
Those who enjoy Minecraft would definitely look forward to the release of the title on the VR gaming platform in the form of Oculus Rift, albeit for Windows 10 Edition Beta users only.
Brace yourselves for the amazing virtual-reality headset

For folks who know all of the ins and outs of Minecraft, and have played it across numerous platforms -- on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, and even game consoles in the living room, brace yourselves. You might think that you have seen it all, but you actually haven’t. In fact, there was word going around last week that Minecraft is all set to launch on the virtual reality (VR) platform Oculus Rift later this week, and that word has already come true. Minecraft in VR has truly arrived, available to folks who are rocking to an Oculus Rift headset.

Earlier this week, Microsoft did roll out a free update to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta so that gameplay can happen on virtual reality headsets.

Developer Mike McGrath did mention, "We'd like to welcome you to the game all over again, because it's a fantastic new experience in VR, even if you're a Minecraft veteran. For new and experienced players, we hope the VR experience in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta will illuminate just how powerful, evocative, and utterly immersive VR can be."

Microsoft has laid out a promise for a "comfortable, engaging" experience, and we do look forward to seeing (pun not intended) how such a promise will be fulfilled. So far, we do know that the Windows 10 DX11 performance has been optimized, as Microsoft threw in new features such as support for both keyboard and mouse, different kinds of Xbox One control options to open up new fields of exploration, as well as new render distance settings which will ensure that whatever powerful and high end VR graphics card you are using will be put to good use.

Folks who are in possession of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition as well as an Oculus Rift headset will be able to make the jump straight in. It is pretty much a no-brainer, actually, as all that you need to do is to log right into your Mojang account, before you go ahead and click the "redeem" button in order to gain free access. The Oculus Rift version is said to deliver a slew of now familiar features, including the likes of multiplayer, Creative, and Survival game modes that many have come to know and love.

How do you think that having a brand new perspective of one of your favorite gaming titles will work out for you? Will you now learn to split your time between Pokemon Go and the VR-capable Minecraft version? There seems to be a renaissance in the world of gaming, and as new technologies become more and more affordable to the masses, you can be sure that better engaging titles are bound to roll off production lines of game studios.

US consumers are now able to enjoy the game in VR, with European and Canadian players set to follow as Oculus has just announced that the new Rift will launch this coming September 20. You can place a pre-order for the Oculus Rift for £549 a pop in the UK via Amazon, with it going for €699 at FNAC (France), Media Markt and Saturn (Germany), and Best Buy (Canada).

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