Watch Pokémon Sun And Moon Gamescom 2016 Live Stream: Enjoy Live Gameplay Video, New Pokémon Duking It Out, Alola Forms And More

Aug 18, 2016 09:06 PM EDT
How to watch Pokémon Sun and Moon Gamescom 2016 live stream? Read all about it below as you get to enjoy live gameplay video that will depict the various Alola forms, not to mention new Pokémon in action, among others.
New Pokemon titles coming for the Nintendo DS that will not settle for regular colors or jewel names, but look to a more celestial inspiration. The Pokemon Company

The world is enamored by Pokémon at this point in time with the explosion of Niantic’s Pokémon GO on mobile platforms. Well, it looks like Poké-mania is not about to call it quits anytime soon, especially when there are two more Pokémon titles that are set to be released -- Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. While Nintendo will not be holding any kind of press conference over at Gamescom 2016, this does not mean that one will not lack any information on the Pokémon Sun and Moon titles, as there is a live stream which you can tune in to in order to catch a glimpse of gameplay in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon titles.

Gamescom 2016 is a gaming convention in Cologne, Germany, and you can be sure that one of the main highlights would be to check out the live stream of Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay. Both Pokémon Sun and Moon are also ready for pre-order, so if you would like to enjoy the title (or titles) as soon as possible, it is a no-brainer to place your pre-order.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon live stream at Gamescom 2016 was held on 18 August at 4pm UK time, which would be 5pm local time, and in the live stream, one can expect to be wowed by live gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Moon (whether it will include the 3D effects or not remain to be seen), allowing one to check out some of the new Pokémon (it is starting to become impossible to catch them all with more and more Pokémon being introduced with each revision), Alola forms, Team Skull and perhaps a slew of new Z-moves to whet your appetite.

We do know that Turtonator is one of the new Pokémon, where it is a Fire and Dragon type Pokémon, and in the YouTube video below, Turtonator exhibited the Shell Trap move that makes the WMDs that we read about in the news seem like child’s play.

As you can see in the debut trailer above, the Turtonator also comes equipped with the Shell Armor ability, which would translate to some pretty sky high defense stats that you can take into consideration whenever you are building up your Pokémon team. Of course, one thing is for sure -- the Turtonator would not have been a descendant of any of the soft shell turtles that some of us keep as pets.

I am quite sure that many of us Pokémon fans would be looking forward to spending our Christmas trading and training our Pokémon with one another as Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is all set to be released this November 18, 2016. Folks who live across the pond in the UK will have to wait for a few more days -- November 23, 2016, to be exact, before they are able to get their hands on both Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

The vicious circle starts all over again, as you will soon have two different platforms to catch all the Pokémon in order to be the greatest collector or trainer of them all, on your smartphone or tablet and on the Nintendo 3DS.

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