iPad Mini 5 Release Date: Rumors of March 2017 Release and Specs

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2016 03:07 PM EDT
Will Apple spice up the lethargic tablet market with the release of its iPad Mini 5 next March?
The new iPad Mini 4. Redmond Pie

Every product has a shelf life, and Apple being Apple is not quite done with its iPad Mini tablet range just yet. In fact, we have already gone through four iterations of the iPad Mini, but it looks like there is still some breathing room to have the Apple iPad Mini 5 roll out. Just what would the most suitable announcement date be for the iPad Mini 5? Why, look no further than Cupertino’s event in March 2017. That is most probably the best moment for Apple to lift the veil on the latest generation iPad Mini 5.

There has already been a fair number of rumors and reports going around concerning the Apple iPad Mini 5, so here we are consolidating all of them in one place. It would come across as no surprise at all for Apple to make a fair number of changes to the iPad Mini’s listings, and this has led to speculation by certain quarters that it is a precursor to Cupertino working on a new release of the iPad Mini 5.

It was also reported by NeuroGadget that in 2015, the iPad Mini 4 was made available to the masses in September. That has certainly proved to be fuel enough for others to figure out that Apple would not wait for more than a year, and since here are two more weeks to go in September this year, the possibility is there for Apple to roll out the iPad Mini 5 this month, too. However, Apple decidedly introduced the iPhone 7, its larger sized sibling with dual cameras, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 2.

PC Tablet did mention that the soon-to-arrive iPad Mini 5 will arrive with a pressure sensitive 3D Touch button. If that were to be the case, then it is certainly something new, as previous generation iPad Minis did not have that feature -- simply because it was unavailable back then. Not only that, expect the new iPad Mini 5 to have gone to the fat house as it is said to be thinner and lighter as opposed to its predecessors.

Word has it that the iPad Mini 5 will come with a high-quality aluminum chassis that does not bend as easily to cause another “Bend-gate”. It is also not surprising to hear whispers that the iPad Mini 5 will drop the 3.5mm audio jack as well, for the simple fact that doing away with the 3.5mm audio jack will help the iPad Mini 5 conform to water and dust-resistant standards.

Apart from that, the Apple iPad Mini 5 is said to sport a 7.9-inch screen with Retina display, an improved A9 processor that will chug along nicely to the 7th-generation PowerVR GPU, carry 3GB of RAM (which should not alarm folks as Apple has always done a good job with getting more out of less), and 32GB of internal memory that will go all the way to 256GB, depending on the model you pick.

Other hardware specifications have been speculated to include the same battery life as its predecessor, a 1.2MP front-facing camera and an 8MP shooter at the back. Do expect iOS 10 to feature in the iPad Mini 5 for sure.

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