To Joey, With Love from Rory: A Love Story

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Rory Feek releases a documentary based on his love story with the late Joey Feek
Joey and Rory Feek pictured in this photo from their wedding day. Photo Credit: Rory Feek

In February Joey Feek, Rory Feek's wife of 14 years, embraced her heavenly father when she passed on to the afterlife. Blessing the stage with their presence in 2008 competing in the show "Can You Duet," they became a well-known team singing country and Christian music. Months after Joey became a voice in heaven Rory created a documentary to highlight their love and story as it continues to unfold even after Joey is no longer here on the earth.

"This whole experience of making the film has been incredible because I get to see Joey every day," Rory said in an interview with CBSNews.

The movie "To Joey, With Love" takes you on an emotional journey from child birth to the ultimate surrender to Jesus Christ through Joey's battle with cervical cancer.

Joey and Rory story started 14 years ago when they first met at a song writer's night at the Bluebird Café in Nashville. Years later a friend convinced them to audition for the show "Can You Duet" in 2008 and they placed third in the competition. After landing a music contract they regularly performed in their barn that they transformed into a concert hall. Their faith carried them to the moment they gave birth to their daughter, Indiana, who was born with Down Syndrome.

"Joey and I wouldn't have changed a thing," Rory had written about Indiana according to People magazine.

Just four short months later, their faith would be tested again as Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2015.

After surgeries the cancer was thought to have been removed only later to find out it had come back more aggressively.

She thought it was over. Joey says she wasn't mad or upset at God when she found it was back. She was disappointed because thought she would be among the few that fought and survived; the exception to the statistic. Still, they never gave up hope

She crossed over with her faith guiding her way as she was surrounded by family, friends and Rory by her side. 

The faith filled Joey had accepted her place in heaven. "God decided for me that my job of singing for people down here is my legacy, and he needs me singing up there," Joey told The Tennessean in November. 

The film will be shown in select theaters September 20and October 6. 

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