Pokémon GO Generation 2: May 2017 Release Date, Features, and 100 New Pokemon

( [email protected] ) Sep 23, 2016 09:51 AM EDT
There is no stopping the Pokemon train, and it goes without saying that Niantic's wildly popular Pokemon GO title deserves a sequel known as Pokemon GO Generation 2 which is slated for a May 2017 release and 100 new Pokemon in tow.
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There is no stopping the Pokemon momentum for sure. In fact, the release of Pokemon GO and its unprecedented success has definitely caused heads to turn and wonder whether there will be a sequel for the title. It would not be surprising at all if we were to see a sequel, taking into account the huge popularity of the game as well as it being a viable cash cow for Nintendo. Hence, Pokemon GO Generation 2 is already in the pipeline, and you can be sure that this will be a major update to the franchise that is slated for a 2017 release. Early speculation has mentioned a May 2017 release date at the latest -- perfect of a bunch of summer gaming.

OtakuKart claims that developer Niantic Labs does have plans for the Pokemon GO Generation 2 update ready, although not all of them have been revealed. Pokemon GO Generation 2 will no doubt be a major patch no matter how you look at it, and Niantic is also adamant on breaking down its intended updates into staggered releases.

As for the other expansion that Pokémon GO will see go live next month would be the new trading system. Now that ought to see interest in the game rise once more, after the taper-off effect has come into place. This new feature will also be accompanied by a new gameplay improvement which includes introducing trainer battles to Pokémon GO.

This particular update has been shoehorned into a December 2016 release, or if it misses the year end holiday period, then it will be in early January 2017 for trainer battles to appear on Pokemon GO.

In Pokemon GO Generation 2, we do expect to see more Pokemon for trainers to catch. This is but a given with each expansion of the franchise, based on what we have seen since its early days on the Game Boy. Otherwise, it would not be sustainable with the same Pokemon being recycled over and over again. In order to hook the interests of those who have yet to play the game, the new content expansion for Pokémon GO will see a minimum of 100 new Pokémon make their debut from the second-generation roster.

Out of the 100 new Pokemon would be different evolutions for existing creatures, including legacy evolution. In other words, you can chart additional growth paths for your current Pokémon, such as Slowking being available for Slowpoke to evolve to, as opposed to the current-generation Slowbro. Both Zubat and Golbat will see another Pokémon evolution join the inventory, being known as Crobat.

New content aside, there will also be fixes under the hood that trainers might not notice at first, but these will be essential fixes to ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible without any hiccups. Some of these fixes will include gameplay patches that have not made it to the previous two updates. In other words, candy farming and Pokémon breeding will be part of the deal, and customizable Pokéstops will also be thrown into the new update.

It remains to be seen how customization options will made available to players, as well as the extent of which players are able to control each Pokéstop. In the meantime, good luck in your quest to catch them all! Until the next update, adios!

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