'Detroit: Become Human' Release Date for PS4, Latest News, Updates

( [email protected] ) Sep 27, 2016 11:08 AM EDT
Write your own ending with the upcoming Detroit: Become Human title for the PS4, as you play the role of Connor the android who attempts to defuse a hostage situation that can turn awry at any moment.
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Detroit: Become Human is one such title on the Sony PS4 that reminds us of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Yeah, those books were real page turners, offering a dynamic adventure that let you live out the consequences depending on the choice you made earlier on. The modern day equivalent is definitely far more complex and compelling, thanks to the wonders of computing technology that renders a realistic situation. Detroit: Become Human is now one of the more highly anticipated Playstation 4 exclusives that hails from Quantic Games.

As its name suggests, the setting of Detroit: Become Human is somewhere in the future, and obviously in the futuristic city of Detroit. In that day, technology has advanced to such a level where androids are pretty much close to humans in terms of its intelligence and natural interaction, with the advantage of algorithms and speed of thought which are unrivalled, of course. Both humans and androids co-exist peacefully there, and the latter will assist the former as servant.

Being the gamer, you will be able to play the role of two characters: Kara and Connor. Kara is a newly manufactured android who is learning how “life” is like in the midst of humans. Kara’s artificial consciousness is clearly a struggle at all times, as she attempts to figure out just where her place is in the world, and why is she meant to follow orders unquestioningly.

The other protagonist, as you can see in the trailer below, is Connor. Connor happens to be an android police officer who investigates other androids that have deviated from their programmed behavior. An enforcer, if you will. No doubt there will be deaths of characters in the length of the game as a necessary plot device which advances it, but some of those deaths can definitely be avoided if you decide to take the right path.

Quantic Games is the developer behind Detroit: Become Human, and the French team has had some success in the past concerning gameplay in such a genre -- including the acclaimed interactive action-adventure drama "Heavy Rain" for the PS4 as well as "Beyond: Two Souls" for the PS4. As you play Detroit: Become Human, you actually realize that the game is more about humans than androids, as it deals with issues such as life,, decisions that we make, and the kind of emotions that guide us.

There was a demo of Detroit: Become Human which rolled out after its trailer debuted at the 2016 E3. It is very realistic no matter which angle you look at the game from, but certainly not as realistic as the kind of fare that is served up via CGI graphics that we see on the silver screen these days. Still, the gritty look of the title along with its realistic graphics showcase the power of the PS4, and hopefully all of you CSI fans out there will make a beeline for Detroit: Become Human when it arrives.

So far, there has been no official release date mentioned for Detroit: Become Human just yet, although fans will surely be clamoring for it to arrive sooner rather than later. 2017 has been set to be the year where the title will be unleashed, so take your pick out of 12 months from here.

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