Phil Robertson Reiterates Support for Donald Trump, Reveals He Shared Gospel With GOP Nominee

( [email protected] ) Oct 03, 2016 06:33 PM EDT
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has reiterated his support for Donald Trump, arguing that the Republican presidential nominee is America's best shot at preventing a moral "collapse" from occurring.
Phil Robertson speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Flickr/Gage Skidmore

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has reiterated his support for Donald Trump and revealed he once had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Republican presidential nominee.

During a recent interview with Town Hall, the "Duck Commander" revealed he recently met with the billionaire businessman and used the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Prior to the brief meeting, Robertson reportedly sketched a diagram displaying God coming down from heaven and Jesus rising from the dead. Upon meeting Trump, the reality star pulled the image out of his pocket to show presidential nominee and told him not to forget it.

"Here's the deal, he may be the next president," Robertson told TH. "What I owed him was the gospel. I gave him the gospel from my lips to his ears. What he does with that will be up to him. If he responds to it by faith, I'd say we have hit a home run. God will again be on our side."

The outspoken Louisiana native also warned that America continues to make the same mistakes as other nations before us: "The collapse is already taking place," he said.

Robertson has never shied away from expressing his political and religious views, and while his son, Willie, supported Trump from the very beginning, he initially endorsed the billionaire businessman's opponent, Ted Cruz, for the White House. However, the "Duck Commander" joined his son in supporting Trump after Cruz withdrew from the race, and said he believes God will be the source of the businessman's common sense as well.

Earlier this year, Robertson said Trump will be absolved of all his past scandals and indiscretions if he truly converts to Christianity and repents of his sins.

"The ultimate for America would be we convert Mr. Trump. That way, all the dirt they're gonna drag up on him, and whatever indiscretions he's been involved in, and the sins he's committed - if he'd be born again, he could then tell them, 'That's the old me, I've been born again. This is the new Donald Trump."

"Now that would send a shockwave through America," Robertson contended. "I say, the left wingers would be jumping' out of buildings. I don't even know if that's possible or not, but it's just a thought."

The 70-year-old Robertson patriarch also imagined being named Trump's "spiritual adviser" in his White House.

"We need to convert Trump for sure...if he's not converted...I'm going with the unknown rather than someone I know. Him, I'm not sure about, but her, I know her," he said of Hillary Clinton. "I said, 'I'm going with this dude here and taking my chances.'"

Last month, Robertson urged Americans to consider biblical principles before casting their votes.

"I am going to leave that up to you to cast your vote. I would say cast your vote for the one that we have a better chance to remain the republic that we are," Robertson said. "So, I would just simply say: You have political correctness on the one side. Biblical correctness on the other. I am on the biblically-correct side. Therefore, I would tiptoe through the tulips but you just have to vote your conscience ..."

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