Pete Wilson Accepts New Job As Ministry Consultant, Explains Why He Left Cross Point

Former Cross Point pastor Pete Wilson evaluated his life and found himself going back to the things he is passionate about.
Former Cross Point senior pastor Pete Wilson Facebook/Pete Wilson

Former Cross Point senior pastor Pete Wilson announced he has accepted a new job at a marketing agency that helps churches create a better impact.

Wilson said he is looking forward to serve in a different way through his new job, and even though starting with a “blank chapter” can be “scary,” he is excited to use what he has learned in 20 years of ministry to “help other pastors and ministries navigate the often unpredictable and challenging waters of ministry.”

“I’ve accepted a position as the President of The A Group, a Nashville-based nonprofit/church marketing agency, geared towards partnering with churches, nonprofits, ministries and faith-based organizations to increase their impact,” he wrote on his blog. “I have known Maurilio Amorim, the CEO, since I was a kid and The A Group has been a great marketing and technology partner of Cross Point since day one.”

Wilson said that contrary to what many people think, his decision to resign as Cross Point’s senior pastor was not done in haste. He said he spent some time in silence for the past few months and took a few weeks off before he made his decision.

According to Wilson, he had been feeling like he was already “out of season” at Cross Point and that it was “time for something different.” He described some of the signs that told him he had already “overstayed” a season.

“One of the keys of life is knowing when you’ve overstayed a season,” he explained. “Maybe something just isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be or maybe you’re not as good at it as you once were. Maybe the tasks that once brought you joy now seem to drain you, leaving you emply. Maybe God puts a new dream on your heart or shuts a few doors along the way.”

Things like these and other circumstances signal that a season is about to end, Wilson said. During those times, his soul just “yearned for rest and quiet.”

So he took some time off to evaluate where he stood. Surprisingly, those moments of quietness were not at all quiet, as God reminded him again of the things he is passionate about: the local church, caring for other pastors, making a difference and being a pioneer.

An examination of his passion for these things led him to The A Group, a nonprofit marketing company that focuses on helping churches, ministries and nonprofits have a better reach, achieve greater impact and improve their strategies.

Amorim said the idea for Wilson to join the company simply unfolded “outside any clever planning on our parts.” Wilson was thinking about his next step just as Amorim was thinking about the company future, and as the two talked to each other as friends, something was birthed. 

“In a series of events that could only be described as “divine intervention,” both stories came together and a new chapter is being written,” Amorim wrote on the company’s blog. “I know Pete’s heart for ministry, as well as the deep knowledge and wisdom he has acquired during his time leading large, growing organizations. Being able to offer his invaluable experience and counsel to other leaders is an honor.”

Wilson said it was amazing how God can turn seemingly helpless endings into a beautiful beginning.

“I look forward to serving so many of you and am beyond humbled by all of your support in this new chapter,” he said.

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