GTA 6 Release Date, Rumors: What Does Rockstar Games Have In Store for The Franchise?

( [email protected] ) Oct 05, 2016 11:26 AM EDT
Rockstar Games and their GTA franchise have been money spinners all this while. We certainly look forward to the upcoming GTA 6, combing through all the rumors and a possible release date.
GTA 6 is rumored to feature the voice of Eva Mendez as female lead character. Grand Theft Auto Report

Rockstar Games has yet to confirm that GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6) is in the pipeline, although many rumors claim that it should hit the market some time in 2018. Makes plenty of sense, taking into consideration how GTA 5 is still raking in the dough despite being in the market for 3 years and counting, which would justify the extra waiting period.

If one were to take the timeline of the GTA series into consideration, GTA was released in 1997, while GTA 2 arrived in the same year. It was four years after that that GTA 3 hit the market, before GTA: Vice City followed the act a year laer. In 2004, GTA: San Andreas proved to be a huge hit, and there was a lull for 4 years until GTA 4 hit the streets. Fast forward another half a decade to 2013, and the hugely popular GTA 5 arrived, and hence if the five year timetable were to be adhered to, 2018 for GTA 6 does make sense. 

The Christian Daily claims that GTA 6 is due for a sneak peek at E3 2017, and majority of the franchise’s fans have a strong belief that GTA 6 will be unleashed upon the masses in 2018. This is to provide GTA 5 with adequate breathing room and to maximize profits from the title and all of its DLCs.

Will there be a longer storyline attached to GTA 6? Who knows? GTA 5’s story was pretty underwhelming. In fact, it was extremely short, where the single player campaign could be completed in a matter of just 2 days. Some have even managed to do so in under 24 hours -- fueled by plenty of Red Bull and decent gaming skills, we presume.

Apart from that, other rumors point to Eva Mendez voicing the main female role, although we would take that bit of information with a grain of salt since nothing official has been released by Rockstar Games just yet. Assuming GTA 6 is indeed going to arrive in 2018, it would not be too much of a leap of faith to press for 4K resolution graphics as well as VR suppot for the game, right?

It has not been smooth sailing for GTA 6 actually, as the iSports Times did point out on how GTA 6 development was binned due to Rockstar Games wanting to focus mainly on GTA 5 DLCs and updates, which are surefire money spinners at this point in time. Apart from that, there were whispers going around that Rockstar Games were working on Red Dead Redemption 2, which proved to be a huge blockbuster where the first installment was concerned.

With majority of GTA 5 players having completed the game to date, and some of them finding GTA 5 Online to be less than appealing since they are more story-centric as opposed to being involved in co-operative gameplay. We await with bated breath for an official confirmation from Rockstar Games concerning GTA 6, where even a crumb such as the title being developed or is still being worked out would do just fine.

In the meantime, have you taken a look at the latest GTA V Biker DLC from Rockstar Games? It should have enough content to tide you over for a while, at least until the next DLC arrives.

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