'God's Not Dead 2' Star Melissa Joan Hart Says Trump Not a ‘Christian Choice’

Hart did not believe Trump represented her ideals but she found someone who did.
Actress Melissa Joan Hart poses as she arrives at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California January 8, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, who starred in this year's film 'God's Not Dead 2,' said she is not voting for Donald Trump because he is not a "Christian choice."

While many conservatives are throwing their support for the Republican presidential candidate, Hart did not see him as her candidate of choice.

"All those people who want to say he is the Christian choice, but I don't think he is for me," she said in an interview with The Blaze.

Hart didn't like Clinton either. Many people had been criticizing her for not choosing either of them, with some of them even calling her a "moron." After all, she is a Christian but she does not support Trump, and she is a woman but she does not support Clinton.

"That one is the one that really gets me because as a Christian woman, I don't think my vote lies with Trump," Hart said. "I think the only people who are saying that are people who are saying he's pro-life, which I don't even necessarily believe he is."

She almost wasn't going to vote anybody for president, until she found Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party, a candidate whose stand on various issues matched hers.

And she's not falling for the idea that supporting Johnson would be a "wasted vote." Many people have told her that if voting for him would not be a wasted vote, they would have chosen him.

"I cannot tell you how many people have said that to me. And if everybody who said that to me actually voted for him, he would at least win Connecticut. So it's frustrating that everybody thinks it's a wasted vote but everyone wants that vote," she said.

Hart now works as Johnson's state chair in Connecticut. She wants more people to know about him. She believes he embodied "true conservative ideals of just less government interference" for the American people.

"I just want to feel good about myself when I walk out of the voting place in November," Hart said. "I just want to feel good about myself and not like I'm holding my breath and thinking, 'did I do the wrong thing?' I want to walk out of there with my head held high."

Trump, who is openly being supported by many evangelical leaders, recently received intense backlash for some obscene statements about women he said about 10 years ago. He has since apologized and said "these words don't reflect who I am."

Evangelist Franklin Graham said Trump's statements "cannot be defended" and repeated what he has been saying throughout the campaign - that both Trump and Clinton are "flawed" and God is America's only hope.

However, he emphasized the importance of considering who the candidates will appoint to the Supreme Court.

"The most important issue of this election is the Supreme Court. That impacts everything," Graham said on Facebook. "There's no question, Trump and Clinton scandals might be news for the moment, but who they appoint to the Supreme Court will remake the fabric of our society for our children and our grandchildren, for generations to come." 

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