GTA 5 Online Update: New Biker DLC Content for Xbox One and PS4 Coming in October

( [email protected] ) Oct 19, 2016 01:07 PM EDT
There will be new DLC content arriving for GTA 5 Online in an update this month for both PS4 and Xbox One platforms.
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If you are a GTA 5 Online fan, you have had it good for quite some time. In fact, this is a game that has certainly lasted for quite a while, where it continues to receive a steady stream of content for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms. It seems that the latest leak points to a new DLC (downloadable content) for GTA 5 Online that should arrive before the year comes to a close.

GTA 5 Online fans have been given ample “warning” before the Biker DLC will be released by Rockstar, where additional content might arrive for avid gamers of the series in the form of weekly instalments, and these specially spaced out releases might end up lasting for quite a while. In fact, the upcoming GTA 5 Online update that is tipped for a December release is touted to be themed according to “Law and Order”. In other words, gamers will be able to purchase police vehicles to use. Riding in one of these high powered machines can then allow gamers to unlock new “free roam missions” which appeal to the clarion call for gamers to complete.

Not only that, we have also learned that Rockstar will be offering several expansions after that, and spring next year would culminate with the timeline where GTA 5 reaches the end of the road. As for the content which will be found in the new Biker DLC, it seems that information obtained also comprises of a full list of new vehicles that will join the GTA 5 Online universe.

Several new modes that are part of the equation include Deadline, Kill Quota and Lost Vs Damned, and all of them do seem to be able to get the adrenaline pumping. The Halloween update would probably involve the Lost Vs. Damned mode, and it should deliver some rather interesting takes or perspectives concerning the game. We have also discovered that the Cunning Stunts DLC will be in the next major GTA Online update, with the Pegassi Reaper making its way for GTA Online, accompanied by the Pfister 811 supercar and the blazing-fast Grotti X80 Proto.

An interesting mode would be having players face off as either Angels or Devils, with the former being able to nick scores during the day, while the latter picking up points at night The moment a player has scored, you will then be able to them during their half of the day, which would see their team lose a point.

The Deadline AM has been confirmed to include a top down view, where it will fit right into the universe of Tron, and it should roll out in not too long down the road, too. When you indulge in this mode, you can unlock exclusive outfits as well as a special vehicle for purchase. These new fashion statement options and bike too, will be themed like Tron.

Are you more than ready to receive all of the upcoming GTA 5 Online updates that are set to come your way?

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