NFL Trade Rumors: Tony Romo Could Be Peyton Manning Replacement

( [email protected] ) Oct 19, 2016 01:07 PM EDT
The Denver Broncos signing Tony Romo might be seen as a replacement for Peyton Manning in the latest NFL trade rumor.
The best NFL quarterback to date, Peyton Manning, retired from football on March 7, 2016, with a ''God Bless'' to football and everyone. Reuters

The old must give way to the young eventually, as even the very best of them must retire one day. Sporting greats always have a hallowed sense of achievement around them, and their past successes are the inspiration and building blocks for future stars. When Peyton Manning decided to retire and bid goodbye to the world of football earlier this year, the Denver Broncos are looking to fill Manning’s vacuum with Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys. At least that is what the latest rumors around the rumor mill have been going on and about.

It might eventually be seen as a win-win situation for all involved. After all, Tony Romo was set to make a comeback after he managed to undergo a successful operation to treat a broken bone in his back. It will take some time for Romo to ease back into the squad, and interestingly enough, the Dallas Cowboys have apparently managed pretty well in his absence. This goes to show the kind of strength in depth that the Cowboys have, at least in the quarterback position. A move to the Denver Broncos might be the tonic to ease Romo back into the game, as there is an instant gap which the Broncs need to fill after Peyton Manning retired

SB Nation claims that rookie quarterback Dak Prescott’s rise in the Dallas Cowboys, stepping into Romo’s shoes during his down time, has certainly placed his future with the Cowboys to be in a rather precarious position as Romo does look like he has lost his starting position. Apart from that, there are other analysts out there who believe that the Cowboys ought to continue to let the rookie start for the remainder of the season, simply because you do not want to curtail the momentum of a player.

In fact, Prescott was so impressive that he managed to break Tom Brady’s record for most passes thrown without an interception to begin an NFL career. Such a promising career lies ahead of Prescott, and head coach Jason Garett would certainly be torn between upsetting the current balance and chemistry of the team or reinstating the old guard Romo back in his place.

A switch of teams certainly sounds like it is a diplomatic way of solving things, although it is always nice to know that a team has strength in depth just in case the injuries start to pile up thick and fast. After all, Tony Romo is no spring chicken either at 36-years old, and with the Denver Broncos not likely to be able to successfully defend their Super Bowl championship this year as many believe, perhaps this might be the better move for Romo.

With legendary quarterback Peyton Manning now retired, and Trevor Siemian not having the Midas Touch in carrying the team forward, a veteran quarterback does seem to be worth a shot if there is to be a slight chance in repeating the miracle of the previous season. With the clock ticking down on Romo’s career, being on the bench as a substitute might not go down well with him, too.

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