Xbox Live Games With Gold November 2016 Game Rumors: Watch Dogs, Battlefield 3 are Possible Candidates

( [email protected] ) Oct 22, 2016 12:40 AM EDT
Next month's instalment of Xbox Live Games with Gold could see the likes of Watch Dogs and Battlefield 3 make the cut.
Photo: Microsoft

Every single month, those who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription can look forward to four free games at their disposal throughout the month, and the same holds true for the month of November. We are just 10 days away before November 2016 comes a-knockin’ on our doors, so what are some of the possible goodies that will arrive with Xbox Live Games with Gold?

Out of the four titles, two of them will be for the Xbox One, while another two will be for the Xbox 360. Xbox One owners (and future Xbox One S owners, too) will benefit from the wonder known as “backwards compatibility”, which would mean that they too, are able to enjoy the free Xbox 360 titles on offer. It will be a mixed bag of goodies, since we will not know just which particular title will be made available, where some are released for the whole month, while others are available for either the first half or second half of the month only.

Red Dead Redemption
Whispers are going around the rumor vine that the new free games which will make up November 2016’s line up under Microsoft’s Xbox Live Games with Gold program will include the likes of Red Dead. The Red Dead franchise has been quite a hit since it arrived on the gaming scene, and fans of the franchise are already tuned into any kind of Red Dead Redemption 2 news would be pleased to know that the title has been confirmed by Rockstar -- the very same publisher behind the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto series in recent memory. What better way to increase the Red Dead Redemption 2 hype than to offer Red Dead Redemption for free through the Xbox Live Games with Gold November 2016 collection? Doing so will definitely gain plenty of brownie points for Microsoft, and since November is right before December, it never hurts to extend a little spirit of goodwill during the holiday season. Not only that, it will certainly be a healing salve for Xbox One owners since Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscribers have it real good in October with its top drawer free game titles.

Battlefield 3
Another possible title that might arrive in November on your Xbox Live Games with Gold subscription would be Battlefield 3. EA Dice’s Battlefield 1 is all set to arrive later this week, and hence, it would make perfect sense to keep momentum in the franchise going through some nostalgia revisits. What better way to do so than to offer Battlefield 3 for free?

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs might be another top class title in the list of predicted games, as that is what we also heard on the rumor vine for PlayStation Plus subscribers next month. It has already been years since players have thrown in their requests for this title to fall under the Xbox Live Games with Gold program, and perhaps -- just perhaps, Microsoft might listen to them this time around. It is all a matter of playing the patience game, as it would be next week where Microsoft will finally reveal news on what the Xbox Live Games with Gold program has in store for subscribers this November 2016.

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