Teen Patient Rushed to Hospital After Oregon Late-Term Abortion Clinic Loses Power

A teenage patient who was going through abortion was rushed to the hospital last week after an Oregon termination facility got affected by power outage.
(Photo: Eric Gay, AP)

A teenage patient who was going through abortion was rushed to the hospital last week after an Oregon termination facility had an power outage.

The power outage was caused by a gas explosion in the neighborhood. Apparently, the clinic, named Lovejoy Surgicenter, did not have a backup generator, Life News reported.

Pro-life activists caught photos of the patient being loaded into an ambulance. The patient looked like she was 15 or 16 years old.

Lovejoy Surgicenter is one of 40 abortion facilities in the U.S. that perform late-term abortion at 24 weeks onward. According to its website, it offers abortion “through 23 weeks or occasionally longer on a case-by-case basis.”

The facility conducts abortions “in a hospital-like setting where our patients receive exceptional care from doctors experienced in obstetrics, gynecology and urology,” the website said.

It was not clear if the teen-aged patient was there for a late-term abortion. However, pro-life activists believe she could have been in the middle of the procedure when the facility lost power.

“It’s possible the woman may have been in the middle of an abortion when the power went out and caused complications, but we don’t know for sure,” Nancy Witt of 40 Days for Life in Portland told Life News.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, criticized the termination facility for not ensuring that safety measures were in place, which could put women’s health at great risk.

“It is obvious that Lovejoy – like the vast majority of abortion facilities in America – lacks the ability to properly treat a vulnerable patient in the event of medical emergencies that routinely plague the abortion industry,” Newman said. “They would rather take a chance with a patient’s life than have proper safety equipment and protocols in place.”

The issue of late-term abortion has been the subject of discussion lately because of the recently held final presidential debate, in which contenders for the presidency Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argued about the necessity of the procedure.

Trump criticized Clinton for advocating late-term abortion and said it was a “terrible” procedure that involved ripping the baby apart in order to get it out of the womb before it is born.

Clinton, on the other hand, said some cases necessitate late-term abortions, especially if the mother’s health would be in danger if she carried the baby to term.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, an obstetrician-gynecologist and former abortionist, described in a video released by Live Action News how late-term abortions are performed.

Watch the video below.


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