Bone Broth: Present Health Trend with Excellent Backing

( [email protected] ) Nov 03, 2016 10:38 AM EDT
A basic overview of the health benefit claims associated with bone broth.
Homemade venison bone broth with thyme. Whitney Dotson/ Instagram

It's toted as the newest trend in health, though in reality, it's one of the oldest remedies available. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, bone broth, despite its odd and somewhat disagreeable name, is being toted by leaders in health; among them, trusted leaders in alternative medicine: Dr. Axe, Sally Fallon, and Dr. Oz. With an uprising of nourishing foods including an interesting array of fermentation, sprouting, and clean foods, it's little wonder that this delicious and ancient gem is resurfacing to public notice.

And it is absolutely true to its name. Bone broth is truly a wondrous mesh of simple preparation and goodness. Truly, with a few pounds of bones, filtered water, vegetable scraps, and an acidic quality to draw out the minerals, anyone can concoct a beautiful broth. Beef, chicken, venison bones, and even chicken feet boast powerful, essential components for the body's well-being. In an age where many are just now coming to recognize the physical manifestations of the depleted earth and deprived nature of processed foods, attention is aptly turned to the scientifically suggested health benefits. While bone broth is a tasty composition, the surge of serious, real diseases such as Chron's Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, and a plethora of autoimmune diseases only increases the palate's favor. The cited strength within bone broth lies in an aversion to drug dependence and a positive attitude towards holistic healing, from the inside-out by means of bodily fortification. That is, the conviction that the body, when treated rightly and with the proper tools, can in effect heal itself. 

 Dr. Axe asserts that bone broth is the BEST thing you can ingest to: "Treat leaky gut syndrome, overcome food intolerances and allergies, Improve joint health, reduce cellulite and boost immune system." It's high in collagen and gelatin, elements prized for their restoration of dermal elasticity and joint ease.  It's also what health-savvy Jews formerly and affectionately called their "penicillin," and the original definition of grandma's chicken soup.

The Weston A. Price organization quotes a South American Proverb, "Good broth will resurrect the dead." Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions and head of the Weston A Price Foundation, comments on another advantage of bone broth. Not only is it healthful; it is entirely economic, too. Fallon wisely stressed the trustworthiness of bone broth's historical validity, "Peasant societies still make broth. It is a necessity in cultures that do not use milk because only stock made from bones and dairy products provides calcium in a form that the body can easily assimilate. It is also a necessity when meat is a luxury item, because gelatin in properly made broth helps the body use protein in an efficient way."

Bone broth is certainly considered a powerful preventative; many attest to feelings of cleanness and renewed energy upon consumption. Be encouraged to research the facts for yourself; I can almost guarantee that you'll have no regrets.

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