Disgruntled Samsung Customer Wants To Force His Galaxy Note 7 To Explode With A Hammer

( [email protected] ) Nov 06, 2016 10:17 PM EST
Most of us would treasure our recently purchased gadgets and gizmos, where the first drop or scratch is more often than not the most painful. Not so with this disgruntled customer who wants his Galaxy Note 7 to actually explode by hammering it.

There has been many horror stories concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and how it suffers from this particular issue of bursting into flames by itself. Most folks would certainly not want a handset like that, no matter how premium and well positioned of a flagship it is. However, it looks like there is at least one disgruntled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owner who was frustrated that he was not given a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after his first Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames and caused char damage to his Macbook, that he decided to literally take matter into his own hands. 

Hui Renjie’s was burned by his first experience with the Galaxy Note 7. On September 26, his spanking new flagship Samsung smartphone overheated and burst into flames, and unfortunately it was placed too close to his Macbook, resulting in some char damage to the Macbook’s keyboard. Needless to say, Samsung refused him a refund, and neither did they send Renjie a replacement Galaxy Note 7 -- you know, the one with a green leaf by the battery icon to let you know that this is the non-flammable version, the real deal.

Renjie was obviously all fired up and incensed by this lack of accountability on the South Korean conglomerate’s part, that he decided to go to a store, purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and wanted to put it through the paces, to see how hard (or easy?) it could be when it comes to making the new Note 7’s battery to burst into flames like his first purchase did.

In the YouTube video below, you can see Renjie placing a piece of wood over the Note 7, hitting it with a hammer for a few times. Nothing seemingly happened on the surface, but then he removed the piece of wood and decided to proceed with direct strikes of the hammer. All it took was a couple of strikes, and voila! You’ve got yourself one very expensive bonfire. It took a few seconds for the fire to burn itself out, rendering the Note 7 completely useless.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a beautiful smartphone to say the least. It had a ton of features and functions, looked really good, felt nice in the palm of your hand, and had great cameras to work with, even sporting iris recognition function for a greater level of security. However, it gained a level of notoriety to such an extent that it has been banned from all flights -- and bringing one on board could be treated as a Federal Crime over in the US, for the simply fact that its battery issues made it unstable. No one would like to carry around a ticking time bomb that could spontaneously combust at any time, even more so when you are in an airplane with nowhere to run. Samsung has since ditched the Galaxy Note 7 for good, despite issuing a recall and replacement effort that failed to address the issue.

The cause of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire so easily by itself has yet to be officially detailed by the South Korean conglomerate to date. Some claim that it could be due to the design of the Note 7’s chassis -- it is curved on both sides, the front and the back, leading to it being less than ideal for the battery to work. While we might never find out in this lifetime, at least we do know that Samsung is going to work on the Galaxy S8 for a release as soon as possible in order to put this nightmare behind them, while confirming that they will not kill off the Galaxy Note series just yet.

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